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At, we offer complete vending solutions.

What is Vending Solutions?

Well, many things, but most importantly the final product will depend largely on the location you have chosen for the machines.

So, if you opt for public vending you can sell almost everything, from drinks to coffee through snacks, electronic devices, sex toys, toothbrushes, tampons, sunglasses – Therefore everything has a place in that small place that, in reality, is an autonomous store.

However, if you prefer to install the machines inside a work center, the most successful thing you can have is the food and the drink.

Get a snack and also drink service for many people in a short time with our comprehensive vending solutions service.

Vending Solutions

Coffee Vending Machines:

While these vending machines are fully automatic so their consumption is clean and without manipulation. Under international quality standards, they offer 8 to 20 different selections and flavors of hot drinks.

Snack Vending:

Automatic equipment of snacks and drinks of the last generation that provide the solution to incorporate food and drinks with the indicated refrigeration. We offer the best products and supplies of top quality brands.

Soda Vending:

Soda vending machines offer 350cc cans or 650cc bottles with up to 6 types of selections. In addition they have a storage capacity of 300 products. Its optimal cooling gives you excellent freshness in your drinks.

Mini Coffee Vending:

Mini coffee vending machines are specially designed machines for offices and small spaces. They grind coffee beans and use powdered milk to make up to 5 combinations of hot drinks.

Cold Water Dispenser Heat:

We offer the service of rental and sale of cold water dispenser giving you the benefit of saving unnecessary costs of the traditional drum system, and most importantly to enjoy unlimited purified water 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Supplies for vending solutions:

We sell supplies for automatic vending machines offering the best brands in the market, for instance online shopping service and electronic payment of your orders. We have a door to door delivery service so you don’t have to move from your office.

Vending Solutions

First of all, we have trained technicians to provide the service of repair of coffee machines, snacks, and soft drinks, allowing you to keep all the equipment running unlimited.

Event Service:

We also offer the rental of coffee machines, snacks, soda, water dispensers, thermos and personalized catering for events, where your company will receive our comprehensive automatic vending service.

Keys to installing vending machines:

Rather offering your employees and collaborators the freedom to consume their products within the company is very well valued. In contrast, your company would stop wasting time and money and your employees will begin to feel more comfortable in their position. Thus, they perceive certain freedom that will make them work more in confidence.

In conclusion, if you are interested to acquire one of the vending machines, do not hesitate to contact us first. Furthermore, we have an extensive range of collection to choose from. So get in touch with us to know more about Vending Solutions.

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