How Much Do Vending Machines Actually Make in Ireland?

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The amount of money you can earn from a vendor depends largely on the items that you dispense and on the location of the machine. There are other elements that might make a difference. However, these two factors are the biggest determiners of how much a vendor can make.

In Ireland, vending machines have grown very popular over the last few years. Consumers have been purchasing all sorts of items from these machines, from snacks and beverages to cigarettes and feminine products. You can say that getting vending machines can be a very lucrative move for any business owner in Ireland.

Average Earnings of Vending Machines

The average vending machine in Ireland can generate approximately €30 in daily sales. It’s a decent amount as it is but if you practice good vending strategies, you can increase your earnings further. Some machines have been known to bring in as much as €300 a day!

Of course, we are only talking about a single machine here. If you can invest in multiple vending units for your business, you can just imagine how much your daily revenue can potentially increase!

Computing the Net Profit of a Machine

Now, you might be thinking that a vending machine would give you an extra €300 to stash away daily into your account. But keep in mind that we are referring to gross sales. This amount does not yet take into account the cost of the product. There are also other expenses that go into operating and maintaining the machine.

The good thing is that vending machines in Ireland do not really cost much. You can purchase one outright for about €6,000 or you can opt for a monthly rental. At, you can lease a vending for as low as €130 per month. This covers maintenance and other services for the machine.

There are also other expenses that you have to take into account. You need to pay for the registration of a business license, and you need to stock up on inventory. All these costs would be deducted from your gross sales in order to find out just how much you will be earning from your machine.

How Much Do Vending Machines Actually Make in Ireland?

How Much Do Vending Machines Actually Make in Ireland?

How to Maximize Earnings from Vending Machines

This brings us to what we mentioned in the first part of this post – you need to choose the right products and the right location in order to maximize your vending machine revenue.

Generally, a machine that sells snacks or beverages would be very popular anywhere. But it would likely draw more customers if it is in an area that gets a lot of regular foot traffic. On the other hand, no one would be buying feminine sanitary pads if the machine is not inside a ladies’ restroom or lounge area.

It is also very important that you partner with a reputable vending machine company, like With the combination of reliable, modern machines and world-class service, you can be sure that you can reach the maximum earning potential of your vending machines.

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