How Much Does a Vending Machine Earn a Day?

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Vending machines are a familiar fixture in many parts of the world today. They are especially common in urban locations with dense populations. In the United Kingdom and nearby areas, a lot of people are investing in these machines as a side hustle, and why not? After all, these machines do generate good profit without requiring too much time and effort.

If you are interested in getting yourself some passive income from vending machines, you’re on the right track. However, if you expect that owning one or two vending machines will set you up for retirement, then you might have another thing coming. Yes, it’s possible to get rich from vending machines, but only if you put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

How Much Does a Vending Machine Earn a Day?

What Is the Average Daily Profit from a Vending Machine?

It’s good to aim high but it’s wise to be realistic at the same time. With that being said, a typical snack vending machine in the UK earns anywhere from €300 to €400 in money. This translates to a daily profit of €10 to €13.

When you look at this number, it may seem dismal to some. It’s barely a fraction of the minimum daily wage. However, as a supplementary income to a regular day job, it’s quite substantial. Not to mention, this only accounts for one machine. If you can invest in multiple machines, your daily profit will increase tremendously.

How to Maximize Vending Machine Daily Profits

The good news about vending machines is that there is no profit cap. You can earn a lot more than the average profit simply by putting more effort into your business, and by making the right decisions, especially in the following aspects.

Choose the Right Location

Places with high pedestrian traffic are the best locations. You can’t expect a vending machine to rake in profits when there are hardly any potential customers around. Office buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, and airports are some of the best examples. These are places where people are most likely to make a purchase from a vending machine.

Sell Profitable Products

These days, vending machines can dispense practically anything. However, if your priority is to make a profit, it would be best to stay with the products that sell fast. Snacks and beverages are the top sellers in most locations. In gyms, there is a high demand for healthy food items. Club and bar customers are likely to buy cigarettes and vape products. Do some market research and provide your target customers with the products they want.

Partner with a Reputable Vending Company

Finally, and probably the most important thing, is to make sure you partner with a reputable vending company, like If you choose to go into the vending business on your own, you would have to do a lot of work and spend a lot of money. can do all the work for you, and also minimize costs at the same time. With less outlay, you get to keep more of the profits.

With the right vending solutions, you can really boost your profits from your vending machines. To find out more, contact us at and we will give you a free consultation!

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