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When people think of Newtownards, images of the rolling hills and picturesque views from Scrabo first come to mind. Not really an ideal setting for a vending business, you’d say. However, this is just one face of the town. There is also a busy urban area where nearly 30,000 people live and work. Here, starting a Newtownards vending business makes a lot more sense.

Newtownards Vending

Excellent Reasons to Start a Newtownards Vending Business

There aren’t too many automats in town right now, although there are a few. Nevertheless, the demand is growing fast and now is the perfect time to jump into the business. If you are still on the fence, the following points might help you make up your mind.

Passive Income

People always say that vending machines are an excellent way to bring in passive income, and it is true. Once it is set up, you can pretty much leave it alone. Customers will serve themselves so you don’t even need to hire staff. In other words, the profits will come rolling in without you having to lift a finger.

Good Profit Potential

For a business that literally just stands there, a vending machine can generate a decent profit. This of course depends largely on the kind of products and the location of the machine. On average, a Newtonwnards vending machine can take in €200 a month. A well situated automat with some fast selling products can bring as much as €300 to €400 a month.

Low Initial Investment

One of the most common reasons why people are reluctant to start a business is the cost. There is usually a lot of spending, especially at the start. In vending, you don’t really have to spend a lot, unless you want to buy your own machine outright. With options like rentals, used machines, and fully managed service, you really don’t have to spend much to get a Newtownards vending business started.

Minimal Maintenance

Aside from the fact that you don’t need to man the machines, they also require very little maintenance. Basically, you only need to restock the machines when supplies are running low, and collect the money before the case fills up. Quality vending machines don’t break very easily either, so repairs are not frequent at all.


In any other business, expansion equates to vast amounts of spending. That is not the case at all with vending, which is a very scalable venture. All you need to do is contact your vending company, ask for some new machines, and you’re good to go. Likewise, if you want to downsize, you can give up any of your machines at any time, with very little overhead cost.

Start Your Business with the Best Newtownards Vending Solutions

The reasons we listed above are more than enough to compel you to get started right away. Before you jump right to it, you must find a reliable Newtownards vending company first. This is where comes in. As the leading vending solutions provider in Ireland and Northern Ireland for decades, they are the obvious choice.

From high-tech vending machines to fully customizable services, you can be sure that will give you everything you need to achieve success. Call us anytime to learn more!

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