Hoco E51 Road Treasure Bluetooth V5.0 FM Transmitter

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E51 Road treasure in-car charger BT V5.0 FM transmitter with dual USB output 3.1A and Type-C output 18W
1. BT specification: BT V5.0 JL.
2. Support: USB flash drive <32Gb. 3. Audio format: MP3 / WMA / WAV. 4. FM transmission distance: 5 meters 5. Output USB-A: 5V / 2.1A (single port), dual USB-A total output 5V / 3.1A. 6. Type-C output: 5V / 3A(PD), 9V / 2A(PD), 2V / 1.5A(PD), 18W (max). 7. Sizes: 70*46*46mm, weight: 31g. Video Player

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