PLAVOGUE Voltage Converter Travel Adapter 220 to 110 Voltage Converter US to EU,AUS,UK,International Travel Over 200+ Countries

120,00 Price Ex VAT

  • Converter Mode – 220 to 110 voltage converter step down voltage from 220V to 110V, allowing you to use your 100V~110V device in a 220V~240V country. Converter mode output rated power is 110V / Min 35W ~ Max 880W, devices less than 35W of power cannot be used.
  • Adapter Mode – Universal power adapter for devices with dual voltage support of 110V~240V / single 100V~110V / single 220V~250V. Such as charger for laptop, phone tablet, power bank, bluetooth headphones. Output rated 100~110V / Min 0W~Max 880W or 220~250V / Min 0W~Max 2000W.
  • Type-C & USB Charger Port.- European travel plug adapter has 3.4A 1* C-port and 1* USB port. At voltages ranging from 110V ~ 250V, total 3.4A max each USB smart 2.4A. You can travel lighter by 2 less USB chargers. Charge 3+ devices simultaneously in Adapter Mode, 160% charging efficiency.
  • Certified Safety – Travel voltage converter with safety system UL, FCC, CE, and RoHS certified. Including 1 main fuse, 1 backup fuses, and automatic protection against short circuits surges for travel converter safety. Check devices rated power and select the correct mode. Get additional 3-Year Protection.
  • Compact Design for Travel – Size of travel converter for europe (2.28”x2.4”x3.4”). Works in 200+ popular countries and regions including Europe, UK, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Germany, China, South Korea, India, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more. Come withe travel pouch included for easier to carry.