San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Water Bottle

Nutritional Data:

NutritionTypical Analysis (mg/L)
Sulphate SO4^2-402
Bicarbonate HCO3-243
Calcium Ca^2+164
Magnesium Mg^2+49.5
Chloride Cl-49.4
Sodium Na+31.2
Silica Residue SiO27.1
Nitrate NO3-2.9
Strontium Sr^2+2.7
Potassium K+2.2

Total Dissolved Solids at (180°C): mg/L 854 pH at the source: 7.6

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San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 24x500ml


Store in a Clean, Cool,
Dry and Odourless Place, Away from Direct Sunlight and Freezing Temperatures.Best Before End: See Side of Filmpack

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