TCN-NCF-7N(V22) New Fresh Ground Coffee Coffee Vending Machine

TCN combines the best coffee preparation technology with the latest electronic performance. The results are nothing short of exciting.End users improve their experience with a variety of high-quality grinding technologies, secure smartphone options and payment processes.Operators can rely on new machines with proven technology capable of providing digital solutions such as full HD touchscreens, integrated connectivity that allows remote management of the machine, coffee brewing solutions.

TCN opens up new business opportunities: browsing product categories allows you to create personalized menus and promotions. Thanks to its elegant design and small footprint, this model overcomes the traditional boundaries of vending points.

Coffee bean hopper1.5 Kg
Instnat canisters(4L*6)
Brewer system 7-16g powder
Cup capacity120 cups,120caps(optional)
Screen21.5″ Toudh Screen
Peak power3000W
Standby power Less than 25W
Making timeAbout 45s
Payment methodsBill,coin,Cashless payment
SupportCredit/DebitCard: VISAMaster Card/AMEXEwallet: Aipay/Monyx/Apple pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay


  • Coffee beans grinder: Fresh ground coffee beans,on site making coffee beans into coffee drinks,coffee powder grinding fitness adjustable.
  • Tidy: visible operation process through glass showcase.
  • Variety:material boxes for Ingredients like: milk, Coco Powder, Sugar,Tea Powder, Lemon Powder, etc.
  • Intelligent: High technology automatic mechanical operation with robot arm delivery.
  • Safe: Anti-clamping door preventing hand clamping.
  • Convenient: Visualizing touch screen purchasing enhance fine buying experience.
  • Tasty: High temperature&pressure extracting technology keeps the coffee nutrition and gives natural mellow taste.


Bank, Supermarket, Airport, Train station, Hospital, Shopping mall, Park, Zoo, Scenic area, Pharmacy(drugstore), Office, Hotel, Subway station, School


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