Where Can You Put Vending Machines to Make Money?

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Venturing into vending machines is an easy and enticing way to earn passive income. This type of business is highly flexible and scalable with a relatively low startup cost. There’s no need to man the machine since it is automated. As such, delving into this industry is an excellent choice for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Other than the type of machine, location is another huge concern when starting this venture. It’s a key factor that needs thorough evaluation since not all places can produce the same profit margin. Therefore, it’s vital that you select the best spot worth picking to get more out of your investment.

Where Can You Put Vending Machines to Make Money?

Vending machines: can you install them anywhere?

It’s tempting to start a vending machine business at the place that appeals the most to you. Technically, it is feasible to put an automat anywhere since it is portable and operates round-the-clock. However, there is a world of difference between haphazardly placed vending machines and those that carefully consider location.

Imagine this scene: you install a travel gadget vending machine near the gym. It’s still possible to make a sale but not as much as when installed at transport hubs like airports. Additionally, you cannot install a vending machine on someone else’s property without obtaining the required permissions.

Choosing the best location for vending machines

Foot traffic is the biggest factor when finding a location for vendors. Purchases are typically made by habit or by impulse. For example, office workers use the coffee vending machine to get their fix rather than make it from scratch. In another instance, mallgoers may see an automat for the first time and feel compelled to buy something from it.

Here are some expert recommended locations to start your vending machine business.

Schools and universities

Children and young adults seek snack and drink options between classes or during breaks. You can install it at the school café or at exits to maximize your profit. It’s also possible to offer a healthy food selection to ensure the welfare of students.

Malls and recreational centers

Although food courts are available, affordable vending products are still saleable at these locations. In addition, you can install a broader range of products at malls and recreational centers. You can diversify your display since people come and go, each one looking to buy a variety of needs.

Healthcare facilities

Hospitals and clinics are filled with employees and visitors day in and day out. Installing a vendor at these places can mean more passive income for you. However, you must secure the right permits to place your machine and start earning.

Apartment buildings

Many people don’t consider apartment complexes as good locations for vendors. However, these areas are packed with residents who sometimes want a break from home-cooked meals. You can put a machine in common areas such as gym or pool facilities, as well as exits where people frequent.

Fitness centers

A lot of people go to the gym empty-handed only to find themselves thirsty or starving after a workout. Giving them an accessible option, especially for water and healthy snacks, is a win-win for everybody. They can replenish their energy while you also earn money from their purchases!

Own a vending machine

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