Where Is the Best Place to Put a Vending Machine?

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Adding a vending machine to your business operations is an excellent way to improve overall business performance. Not only do they bring massive income potential but the financial outlay is also minimal, especially if you go for a rental package rather than an outright purchase. But in order to maximize revenue, there are several issues to consider, one of the most important of which is choosing the right location for your machine.

Determining Factors on Deciding Vending Machine Location

Deciding on the best location for a vending machine is something that should not be done lightly. There are some crucial factors that you should take into consideration as you make your decision, starting with pedestrian traffic. The more people passing by the machine, whether they are regular pedestrians in the area or not, the more chances that you will get a sale.


Another important factor is the competition in the area. If your vending machine sells snacks and beverages, it would be much more strategic to place it where these items are not readily available from other nearby establishments. Or if there are competitors around, you can price your items lower or offer something extra to attract customers.

Choosing between an indoor and outdoor spot is also vital. Both options come with their pros and cons so you really have to weigh these carefully before making a decision.

Types of Establishments for Installing a Vending Machine

You can use vending machines to dispense just about any kind of product. However, the typical machine is still one that sells snacks and beverages. In this case, it would be a good idea to install your machine in an establishment. The people are likely to get hungry or thirsty there.

An amusement park is one of the best options. People are here to have a good time, spending hours outdoors with friends and family and of course. They will soon want to grab a snack. Busy hospitals are also good places to set up this machine. People in the waiting room and companions of patients who are admitted will surely get hungry in the middle of the night. All the shops will naturally be closed but your vending machine will be there to save the day.

There are many other great establishments and businesses that you can partner with if you want to set up your own vending machine. Schools, universities, offices, gyms, fitness centers, hotel lobbies, and even Laundromats come with great opportunities for making decent sales through this machine.

Most Strategic Areas for Vending Machines

After figuring out the kind of business where you can install your machine, you then have to figure out where exactly in the establishment would be the best place to put a vending machine.

The entryway is always a great spot because everyone will pass through it. With strategic positioning, your machine will easily be visible the moment a potential customer walks in through the door. If the company has a break room, this is also a wonderful place for a vending machine. Because the people go there specifically to take a break and maybe have a snack.

As we mentioned earlier, you want to install your machine in a highly populated area for maximum visibility. For this reason, waiting areas and places near long queues are great options.

If you have interest in buying a vending machine or want to learn more about the strategic placing of your machine, call us at Vending-Machines.ie and our specialists will be very happy to assist!

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