Which Armagh Vending Machines to choose? Self-management or total management?

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Which Armagh Vending Machines to choose? The concept of the vending machine was born from the work of the Greek mathematician Hero, around the time of the arrival of coins (circa 215 BC).

He then created a machine that dispensed holy water in exchange for a five-drachma coin. Later, in the 17th century, these machines reappeared for the distribution of snuff. The stamp machine in England followed in the 18th century, then the candy machine in the United States in the 19th.

Installing Armagh Vending Machines is a choice that requires thought in several respects. It is not enough to choose the products and the type of device. It is also necessary to take into consideration the acquisition and the mode of management of the device(s) that will be installed.

Self-management Armagh Vending Machines:

You can choose to buy or lease your distributor. Here you will then have to determine the types product, arrange them appropriately, and set their prices. You will also be in charge of machine maintenance and replenishment. Self-management only represents a quarter of the market and unlike total management, you will perceive any profits generated.

Total management Armagh Vending Machines:

If you simply want to offer your employees additional comfort by installing a device on your premises, you can bet on total management. In this specific case, you will have absolutely nothing to do. The pricing, maintenance, and provision of food and drink will be taken care of by the chosen service provider.

In the same way, you will not have to worry about the hygiene imposed by the standards. And also, it will not have any information to remember to maintain the machine and the accessories.

This solution relieves you of all responsibilities but leaves you little freedom. In particular about the quality of the products and drinks made available to customers.

Touchscreen Armagh Vending Machines:

New technology in PLCs:

After focusing on product quality to provide healthier food, manufacturers have sought to improve distributors with new technologies. They now offer machines that allow consumers to buy a drink or any other product using a touch interface. From the screen on the front of the machine, they select a product type at a glance, then the desired brand with a simple touch of a finger.

The advantages offered by the touch screen:

This system makes it possible to offer a greater number of products than a conventional distributor, therefore more choice for the consumer. The screen also provides buyers with a lot of information on the products (nutritional value, promotion, etc.).

It is possible to integrate a classic coin mechanism into these distributors as well as a contactless payment device. This new technology aims to make purchasing more fun and user-friendly and to improve the design of the machines.

Your specialist dealer:

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