Caffè UNO

Something new, something different.

Caffè UNO


SandenVendo meticulously observed the behavior of coffee machines. Subsequently, they studied energy consumption optimization and identified the root causes of chronic problems.

The challenge to create a trouble-free machine is, to say the least, big and can only be accomplished by looking at the design from a different perspective.

This is where our new concept of versatility steps in: something new, something different from what is commonly used or known in the market by presenting a unique and authentic creation: CaffèUNO


Main features

Excellent Italian Espresso

Excellent Italian Espresso

The SandenVendo Coffee brewer expertly captures authentic espresso flavors and aromas, reminiscent of Italy’s finest. Furthermore, it offers two brewer types: one for traditional Italian espresso and a larger one for European-style longer coffee, both ensuring an unparalleled Italian taste experience.

One cup, one temperature

One cup, one temperature

Thanks to the precise temperature management, individual drink temperature settings are possible. Users can also adjust the temperature of their drinks on the touch screen Warm > Hot > Very Hot

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Innovative temperature management with SandenVendo Instant Heater technology. It is an energy efficient design with very low thermal mass and does not require a Stand-by function. The system always uses fresh water providing the precise amount required for each drink.


The state-of-the-art Coffee Server by SandenVendo makes the coffee-making and serving ritual a very special experience.

The SandenVendo CaffèUNO Coffee Server is ideal for hotels and restaurants, both epitomizing a commitment to excellence and ensuring unparalleled quality. Moreover, it caters to establishments striving to deliver top-notch service and elevate guest experiences. It equally suits office locations where a coffee break constitutes a precious and restful moment in a hard-working day.

Preparing a high-quality coffee should also be easy and enjoyable as much as tasting it. This is where the SandenVendo  comes into play; it makes the coffee-making and serving ritual a unique experience.

One cup, one temperature

Individual drink temperature settings are possible. For example, Espresso is ideally served at 85-94°C, while tea typically requires a higher temperature of 95-100°C.

Customize-able drink temperature

Users can adjust the temperature of their drinks on the touch screen.

Precise temperature management

You can control the output temperature within +/- 1°C.

Technical features


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Something new, something different.


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