Our dedicated Coin Operated Luggage Scales machines are an ideal solution for Hotels, Hostels, Aiports and any other locations with enough tourist traffic.

This amazing innovative solution provides your customers with the option to weigh their luggage in your property before they head off to the airport, allowing them to avoid airlines penalty fees related to overweight luggage.

New York snack vending machine service provider

Our scales have multi-unit displays (Kg and Lb) and can be operated at a very affordable price (only €1).

The good news is that you will get 20% of all the sales (commission payable every 6 months by bank transfer) and there is no investment or contract on your behalf.

We provide the scales FREE of charge for you.

Organic and healthy Vending Machine Services in NY

Profit from your Venue with No Cost Up-Front?

Start with a full vending machine service and a €200 signing bonus.

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