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Our vending machines are ready to serve all the construction workers at a reasonable price. People working in these particular industries need more drinks to fulfill their thirst and get more energy to perform their job. We offer a wide range of products and competitive prices.


Construction site

In a progressive country, there is always new construction going on. It could be a building, a road or something else. This means there are construction workers who either work on one shift of 8 hours up to 3 shifts of 24 hours. They start early, which means they need a cup of hot drinks like coffee or chocolate along with their breakfast, a cold drink with their lunch, and a hot or cold drink for their afternoon break

Construction site

.If your staff need access to the widest range of icy cold drinks and delicious snacks, then we are your natural choice. Many of our warehouse, industrial and construction-based customers operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, making it crucial for their hardworking staff to have convenient access to not only drinks and snacks, but also more substantial ‘meal’ type products. We can work with you to custom-tailor the perfect vending solution for your specific staff needs.

Intelfoods vending machine for a healthy choice for school in the United States of America


By partnering with us you get:


All payment options


Touchscreen display


Multi-million-euro insurance policy with the client added as an additional insured party


100% compliance for people with Disabilities


Full maintenance, administrative support, cleaning, stocking with products and 24/7 support!


€200 signing bonus if you contact us today!

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Start with a full vending machine service and a €200 signing bonus.

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