Become a Freelancer

If you are well connected person looking to generate some passive income why not considering joining us on our “Freelancer” program.

This program works on a very simple way:

1) You find a suitable location to place a vending machine
2) You make the introduction with the site location manager / owner
3) Our sales team will visit the location and evaluate if it is a suitable project
4) If the opportunity is commercially viable and we decide to place a vending machine in the location, you can consider 2 options to start generating extra income (see Payment options below)
5) You don’t need to worry about anything related to the operations, maintenance, investment, etc. We will offer a fully managed service to the location, and you will get a part of the profits only for recommending us.

Payment Options:

Option 1: Recurrent Commission: 

This Commission structure pay a recurrent fee (normally 10% of the net sales, payable quarterly via bank transfer), is important to mention that this commission includes the commission (if applicable) to the site location. E.g. for 1 machine the commission is 10%, if the site require a percentage as well you will have to share a portion with them (E.g. 5% to the site and 5% to you). If the location doesn’t require a commission, you can keep the 10% in full. Is important to mention that this system is ONLY applicable if the site achieve commercial viability (Means minimum sales per month of €700 per machine), if this condition is not met, the machine is not commercially viable and will have to be relocated.  In order to achieve the minimum net sales required per day we recommend locations with the following attributes: Offices/Buildings with over 50 employees – For hotels and guest houses with over 50 rooms – For waiting areas like clinics and office lobbies the location needs at least 50 people per day – Busy traffic footpath locations like train stations, shopping centres are welcome as well.

Option 2: Finders Fee

With this system you will get a fix fee per site or contract signed off. Our structure normally works as per the following:

For Locations with over 100 employees: We pay €200.00

For Locations with with less than 100 employees: We pay €100.00

Important considerations:

  1. Payment is done 30 days after the machine has been installed and we tested the commercial viability of the site.
  2. For Commercial Viability understand as follow: Means minimum sales per month of €700 per machine. if this condition is not met, the machine is not commercially viable and will have to be relocated. The contract has to be as well for a minimum of 1 year.
  3. You will need to produce an invoice in order to get paid for the commission.
  4. The commission is considered Per Account and not Per Machine, if multiple machines goes into the location is considered as only 1 account for the commission (open to negotiation in case of a large deal)

Profit from your Venue with No Cost Up-Front?

Start with a full vending machine service and a €200 signing bonus.

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