Washroom Vending Machines – Convenient Hygiene Solutions for Everyone

Vending machines have been around for several decades now. Traditionally, they have been used for selling snacks and beverages. However, in the last few years, they have also become quite popular for dispensing many other kinds of products. Washroom vending machines, for instance, are now a very familiar fixture in the lavatories of office buildings, schools and commercial establishments.

Have you been thinking about adding these machines to your business but are not sure if it is the right move? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about what washroom vending machines are. We will tell you what they can offer to your business and to your employees. We will also list some of the most useful products that you can sell through your machines.


Reasons for Installing Washroom Vending Machines in Your Establishment

It is typical for restrooms to have soap dispensers and toilet paper holders. These are considered to be bathroom necessities. But if you want to give your employees and clients a much better overall experience while they are in your establishment, installing washroom vending machines would be a very wise move.

There are several excellent reasons why you should have a vending machine for the washrooms in your building. The most notable one is the convenience that you can offer your staff and your customers. If they need sanitary products, they will no longer have to go out to the stores to make a purchase. Why? Because these products are readily available for them right inside the restroom.

Women, in particular, will benefit greatly because washroom vending machines can easily provide for feminine needs. When emergencies happen, a lot of the awkwardness and inconvenience can be avoided if the products are right there within easy reach.


Benefits of Washroom Vending Machines for Your Business

All in all, washroom vending machines can really elevate the restroom experience for your staff, clients and visitors by a huge margin. But for your business, these will also open a new income-generating channel. It won’t be long before you see that they are highly profitable. If you choose the right locations and offer the right products, your sales will rise considerably, and with very little outlay at that.

This brings us to another huge benefit of washroom vending machines, which is the low cost. In fact, you can even get one for free. If you purchase your own machines outright, which is what some people do, this would be rather expensive. But if you partner with vending companies like ours, there will be no need to purchase your own machines because we can provide these to you at no cost at all.

Here at Vending-Machines.ie, we offer fully managed service that includes everything from delivery and installation to replenishment and technical support. You will even get a dedicated account manager who will ensure that all your vending needs are fully met at all times. Basically, all you have to do is choose the products you need, then just sit back and watch your sales rise while we take care of everything else.

You don’t even have to worry about the security of your vending machines. Even if you do not guard them, nobody can get to the products or the cash because it will only open with a unique key. Only an authorized service technician will have access to this key, and they will replenish the items and collect the cash at a schedule that is most convenient to you.

Recommended Vending Machines for Washrooms

There are a few different types of vending machines that are suitable for use in a washroom. The solutions that we offer at Vending-Machines.ie include some of the most state-of-the-art products. Here are some of the most popular machines that can meet a variety of your client’s needs.

Easivend Contactless

A fully automated machine that comes with a comprehensive digital display, the Easivend Contactless can carry as many as 9 different products and takes 12 different coins.


Cubicle Dispenser

When you are already inside the cubicle and find out that you need sanitary products, the Cubicle Dispenser is there to save the day. It is very compact, fits easily inside a standard toilet cubicle and does not require wiring or batteries.



The dual column design of this vending machine is perfectly suited for standard-size sanitary products. It can contain as many as 28 tampon packs and 21 sanitary towels. The Maxivend uses a lever system that easily dispenses the products without the need for coins.



The Minivend machine is a dual column vending machine which can dispense sanitary products free of charge. The Minivend is easy to install and products are dispensed quickly and easily using the levers on the sides. Both columns in the machine are set to accept standard size packs and can accommodate 15 packs on the right column and 12 on the left.



Sometimes parents find themselves without extra diapers in the face of a baby emergency. In this case, they will be truly grateful for the Nappyvend. It carries specially packed boxes, each of which contains one nappy and two wipes. Customers can choose from 3 different nappy sizes. The machines can also accept up to 12 different kinds of coins.



The Multivend is an electronic washroom vending machine designed to be versatile and elegant. This multi-option vending machine allows customers to sell up to nine products. The Multivend is fully automatic and has a digital display indicating price, stock availability and service requirements. This dispenser can be wall-mounted and it is fully programmable to dispense a wide range of leading brand name consumables. All our washroom vending machines come with an installation and operation manual. Training courses are available under request.


Autovend V2

Produced using fewer components, the new Autovend is lighter in weight and internal parts are less likely to move during transit, meaning your teams can quickly install the unit without having to readjust any parts. Vending prices can now be adjusted using a simple adaptor and it contains only 1 cashbox with refunded coins always falling to the left hand side, reducing the overall service turnaround time.


Best-Selling Consumables for Washroom Vending Machines

Most vending machines in the washroom contain a variety of hygiene products specifically for toilet use. But our commitment is to satisfy our customers and provide added value. Because of this, we go beyond the usual standards and also offer a variety of other products that your staff might need.

Feminine Sanitary Products

Tampons and sanitary towels are among the most in-demand products in washrooms. Thus, we make sure that our machines are perfectly capable of dispensing these items. We offer some of the top global brands in female protection products including Tampax, Always, Kotex and Lil-lets.


People can choose from a wide range of condom brands and package sizes discreetly and in complete comfort from a washroom vending machine. Among our best-selling products are Skyn Original, Skins Natural, and Skins Dots & Ribs.

Baby Essentials

Our machines are the perfect companion to a baby changing table in your washroom. They can carry a complete range of baby essentials products. Aside from our specially packed Pampers nappies + wipes, we also offer Calpol Infant Suspension for fever, and small packets of Wet Ones.

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