Age verification for self-service

Age verification add-on module is made for vending machines, self-checkouts, pick-up points and self-service-markets. Artificial intelligence and machine learning with biometric/special camera and document scan more
accurately verify a customer’s age than a human.

Convenient 4-step process

How it looks for your customers

Select product

Authorize credit card

Pass facial recognition

Present document

After successfully verifying the age, the vending machine dispenses the product.

Just 25 sec

This is a time period that age verification takes. The entire purchase process including age verification can take less than 60 seconds at the vending machine.

Age verifier of a vending machine

Furthermore, a fully automated age verification solution for vending machines is available.  The Age Verifier contains a biometric camera and own-made document scanner that allows to provide two-step verification process, most suitable for precise, quick and secure age verification on the spot at your vending machine.

Increase your sales with age restricted products

Profit from age restricted products is higher

Does not allow sales to minors


User at the vending machine is required only to look into the camera and put the ID card or driver’s license to the document tray.

User friendly

The device displays the process to the user and automates all excess steps.

Age Verifier is dealing with all this issues

Plug & play for most machines

Age Verifier installs in less than five minutes. Drill four holes with given template, connect two MDB plugs and power supply.

MDB / API compatible

Compatible with classic MDB operated vending machines and smart vending machines through API connection

No account creation required

Face and ID are required to complete age verification, no apps to download.

Does not store any PII data

It stores only hashes of PII, which means that no of any PII data can be extracted from the storage.

Four-factor verification on the spot

Biometric face check

Matching 3D Face to 2D photo in the ID

Date of birth check

Document authenticity verification

Client admin panel

Each client has an access to their own client admin panel, which provides full system control.

Registration of the new CAV machine

Verifications history



The age verification solution for vending machines provided by CAV consists of hardware and software, where hardware is an additional device called “Age Verifier”, it instals on the side of the vending machine and software
is a cloud based solution that operates the device and synced to CAV cloud platform where you may find metrics of sales and verifications.

Vending machine

Age verifier


The device is compatible with smart vending machines through an API connection between cloud platforms and classic MDB operated vending machines.

TLS Protocol and AES-256 encryption is used to communicate in the CAV’s ecosystem and compliant with international data privacy regulations including CCPA and GDPR.

TLS Protocol

AES-256 encryption



And more about a vending machine age verification

  • Enables Refreshment Service operators to expand into age restricted sales
  • Makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers, which have the ability for an on-site clerk to verify a customer’s age.
  • You can install it in vending, kiosk machines and unattendant solutions.


CAV technology is based on the latest developments in Computer Vision and Neural Networks, which gives an ability to detect and recognize faces, gender and age with significantly reduced False Positives amount.

We use a cloud infrastructure for our distributed system and it significantly reduces operational costs of the system. In case of any problems system asks operator to solve ambigious problems, like mismatching face
with document or if age detection system found that customer looks too young.

From the point of security our system do not store any Personal Identifiable Information(PII), such as names, faces in a raw format and other sensitive data. Additionally, we store only hashes of PII, which means that no PII data can be extracted from the storage. The company fulfills the GDPR requirements. We have strong encryption on any data exchanged in our system and security is number one priority for us.

Vending customer

Vending machine

Age verification box

Age verification system

FAQ about vending machine


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