Fully Managed Service

Vending machines with healthy products for students of all ages, government compliant

Zero Investment:

Vending machines could be an expensive asset. Allowing us to fully manage this service for you, will free your budget from having to secure capital investment to buy a vending machine. We will purchase brand new machines to provide you with the best possible service available in the country.

Zero Investment
  • Convenient Payment Solutions: All our machines are equipped with the latest technology allowing you to pay with your card, phone, and any smart gadget devise. Our machines will cater for multicurrency giving you the best possible exchange rate if you are not banking in euro currency. Adding to our card payment service, we accept cash and coins as well.
Convenient Payment Solutions

Elite Care Technical Service:

Included within our Fully Managed Service, our Elite Care Technical Service will keep your machines working at their very best, ensuring they enjoy of their maximum lifespan.

    1. Local service teams and depots focused on providing a service you can rely on
    2. No hidden costs: fully inclusive, great value
    3. Highly skilled engineers, trained and employed by Vending-Machine.ie
    4. Unlimited callouts supported by our Irish and UK call centre
Elite Care Technical Service

National coverage:

With our nationwide service, is easy to scale up any project you may have. Specially if your company has multi-locations in different parts of the country. Having the flexibility to partner with our organization will allow you to plan knowing that we will be there, looking after your vending requirements in every corner of Ireland and North of Ireland.

National coverage

24/7 Customer Support Line:

We have a dedicated support line available 24/7 for all our clients, where you can report any issues or enquires you may have simply calling +353-014448233. We intend to deal with every call within 24 hours from the moment we receive it.

24/7 Customer Support Line

Variety Product Selection:

This would be one of our main advantages against the opposition. Some vending companies will stock only a small selection of products, often repeating lines. We stock over 500 brands covering the top historical ones and including the latest in the market. If you require any product that you may think will sell well in your location, please let us know and we will make sure to source it within our supply chain.

Variety Product Selection

Dedicated Account Manager:

Each customers have their own dedicated account manager who will work in partnership with you to ensure your self-serve solution is continuously meeting all your needs.

Dedicated Account Manager

Environmentally responsible:

We commit to offset as much as we can the CO2 footprint that the products we sell through our vending machines generate during their production, planting trees around the world. Find out more about our initiatives here.

Environmentally responsible

Free Vending Machine Removal:

If you have an old vending machine in your premises, and you own the asset but want to dispose it, we will do that for free, replacing the old machine for a brand new one.

Free Vending Machine Removal

Remote Machine Monitoring:

We are pioneering with the use of telemetry software solutions, utilizing the latest technology to ensure we always know what is happening with your vending machines before you do. From our 24/7 control centre we constantly monitor:

  1. Machine Stock Levels
  2. Machines Faults
  3. Products Selections
  4. Live Transactions
Remote Machine Monitoring

€200 signed up bonus and commercial viability of this service

Our fully managed service encourages clients to signed up with a €200 bonus. This incentive is payable after the trial period (2 months) is completed and we can confirm that the machine is commercially viable in the location. The way we share this €200 bonus is via a Virtual Card, with a €200 credit that can be used to redeem the same value in products using our vending machine. In order to establish that the service is viable in the location we have the following criteria:

  1. The machine must turn at least €20 per day (for combo) and €10 per day (for coffee) or their equivalent of €600 per month (for combo) or €300 per month (for coffee).
  2. The trial period is 2 months

In case the machine doesn’t meet minimum commercial criteria we always give the option to our clients to keep the service rolling at a monthly servicing fee:

  1. For combo machines: €150 + VAT per month (in this case sales per month of the machine must be of at least €300)
  2. For coffee machines: €100 + VAT per month (in this case sales per month of the machine must be of at least €150)

Alternatively we can always remove the machine at no cost for our clients.

Free Vending Machine Removal

Cost products subsidy by employers

If your intention is to subsidize the items from the vending machine for your employees or customers, we have several alternatives available. Additionally, our reporting system makes this alternative fully transparent. This transparency ensures to keep your financial controller happy with the budget allocation.

Ideas and alternatives available:

  1. Full product subsidy: In this case, all products are dispensed on FREE VEND. Employees can select desired items without limitations.
  2. Subsidy by product category: In this case, you can choose which items receive a subsidy. For instance, you could opt for all soft drinks on FREE VEND and snacks payable, or vice versa.
  3. Healthy items subsidy: In this case, the company can subsidize items meeting specific nutritional criteria. These may include protein bars, low-calorie drinks, and sugar-free options.
  4. Subsidy by percentage: In this case, the company can choose to subsidize a percentage of the item cost, such as 50%. The user is responsible for paying the remaining 50%.
  5. Management cards: We can create virtual cards with rechargeable credit for management purposes. Moreover, these cards offer flexibility for tracking and controlling expenses efficiently. Moreover, these cards allow credit to be used on the machine. Subsequently, at the end of the month, usage is invoiced back to the company.

In all options, a monthly report will be generated and given to the client. Furthermore, this report includes an invoice detailing the subsidized items.

Free Vending Machine Removal

Virtual Cards

If you’re seeking to reward employees for productivity or performance, consider our Virtual Card System. It offers flexibility and convenience. Allow credit to each employee to be redeemed in our vending machines. The way this system works in very simple:

  1. 1. Provide us with a list of your employees that you want to reward (We need, name and mobile phone number).
    2. Let us know how much credit you want to allow per employee.
    3. We will send a text to each employee individually informing them the credit allocated to their account.
    4. The employees will be able to use their credit downloading our app Monyx.
    5. At the end of the month, we will invoice the employer for the total allocated credit.
    6. Employees and the employer will have full access to their expenditure, products purchased, dates, times, etc.
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