Service Packages

In order to keep your equipment in full operation is critical for you to perform regular preventive maintenance. Our qualified team of engineers offer the best possible service on your vending machine according to the manufacturer recommendations.

For combinations machines:


What is included in the servicing agreement?

On every monthly visit our technician will:

Perform a preventive maintenance as follow:

  • Check the vending machine and the surrounding area, check for signs of rust on the

outer cabinet and obstructions in the air vents.

  • Open the door and check there is no accumulation of water, signs of rust, and humidity around the corners.
  • Check that the evaporator outlet is not blocked; additionally, ensure that condensed water in the evaporator drains out towards the condenser pan.
  • Check the door seals; if they are damaged, the technician will recommend replacing the seals immediately.
  • Check that the condenser is clean, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Check that the evaporator fan and the cooling system work normally; in addition, ensure that the fan blades are free from any foreign matter.
  • Check that the compressor and the condenser fan work normally (the fan blades must befree from any foreign matter).
  • Verify that the machine correctly delivers all selections.
  • Check the service cord. If the cable or connector is damaged or worn, it must be replaced with a service cord of the same type as the original delivered together with the vending machine.

Perform a deep vending machine clean up as follow:

On every monthly visit

  • Clean the decal using suitable detergents; consequently, ensure thorough removal of any residue.
  • Clean the control panel using a damp cloth; moreover, ensure meticulous attention to delicate surfaces.
  • Clean the delivery area with a clean cloth; in doing so, thereby focus on maintaining hygiene standards.
  • Remove dust and/or dirt from the sensors using compressed air and/or a clean cloth, thereby ensuring optimal sensor functionality.
  • Clean the ventilation grate using compressed air and a damp cloth, preventing the buildup of debris.
  • Clean the shelves using warm water and neutral detergents, promoting a sanitary environment.
  • Check for insects and, if necessary, remove them from inside the vending machine, ensuring a pest-free operation.
  • Remove the dust generated in the area of the refrigerant system, especially on the base.
  • Check the door seals, clean using lukewarm water, non-abrasive detergents and a soft cloth.
  • Check and clean the sensors of the installed payment systems. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for each device.
  • Clean the cabinet inside and outside using a suitable detergent or soap. Externally apply any good car wax. Repair any paint scratches to prevent corrosion.
  • Check the drain hose and clean. The water from the evaporator must flow freely in the tray next to the compressor.
  • Clean the display screen and the inside of the display panel.
  • Check and clean the LED bars using only warm water.
  • Check that all the compartments and pipes of the refrigerant system are clean and that there are no obstructions for the passage of air. Condenser and evaporator must be kept clean for optimal operation. Clean the condenser with a vacuum cleaner and a brush, make sure that all the fins and hoses are free and clean.

Vending Machine

At least ones a year

  • If necessary, recharge the refrigerant system gas, and additionally, ensure proper documentation of the process.
  • Check the integrity of the vending machine, and furthermore, verify the compliance with the standards of the relative systems by qualified personnel.
  • Remove all shelves, and the cooling system. Thoroughly clean all the components of the shelves, and subsequently, the refrigeration system and the inside of the vending machine. After reassembling all the components inside the cabinet, bring the temperature to normal and proceed to load the desired products.

For coffee machines:


Perform a deep vending machine clean up as follow:

On every monthly visit

  • Empty drip tray and coffee cake container.
  • Rinse mixers by using the functions of programming menu.
  • Rinse coffee brewer by using the functions of programming menu.
  • Clean delivery area.
  • Check / Clean : canister spouts / mixers.
  • Check and clean the aspiration channel.
  • Rinse the coffee brewer.


  • Change water filter cartridge.
  • Sanitizing internal filters of coffee brewer.
  • Sanitizing the entire circuit feed.
  • Check grinding quality.
  • At least once a year, or more frequently according to the use of the machine and the quality of the inlet water, the entire foodstuff circuit system must be cleaned and sanitized:
  1. Remove all parts of the hydraulic system in contact with food, including the hoses, from the unit, and fully disassemble them.
  2. Mechanically remove all visible residue and product films using brushes or similar tools, if necessary.
  3. Soak all components in a sanitizing solution for at least 20 minutes.
  4. Clean the unit internal surfaces with the same sanitizing solution.
  5. Thoroughly rinse and then reinstall the parts.

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