It is our goal to be the best customer service company in the vending industry. We offer a full-service platform to all of our clients. This means we manage every conceivable facet of your vending program. We take care of everything, from installation – to restocking – to complaint resolution – to maintenance. understands that your time is very important. Leave the vending to us.

In order for a vending machine to work in a business, requires at least 40 employees or a high amount of customer traffic. Hotels/Motels generally need at least 50 rooms to support a vending machine and apartment buildings generally need 200+ apartments.

In addition to the capability of your Vending Kiosk accepting e-Wallet and credit cards, all of our machines are equipped with the ability of Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM). RMM is a cloud hosted software providing full transparency into each machine’s sales, services, alerts, visits and products. Additionally, the software solution utilizes built-in algorithms for optimal merchandise selection for each lane in the machine and forecasts products to be brought by the driver prior to each visit to the machine – all from a PC or laptop. Each client is granted full access to their machines allowing for full transparency into gross sales, services and machine alerts. POWERFUL information at your fingertips — that can be viewed and monitored in your pijamas.

Our Media Beverage and Snack machines come in multiple sizes. Additionally, we have travel gadgets machines, luggage scales machines and combination machines, all available through our platform. suite of innovative of Stainless Steel and Glass Front vending equipment, integrated with cashless and e-Wallet payments, and energy-efficient capabilities, leaving a minimal possible footprint. All of our interactive vending machines may be customized with logos, branding or simply made to conform to the surrounding amenity space.

Due to the fact that our client retention rates are 100% we DO NOT repurpose our equipment. All of our vending machines will be brand new and uniform in design and may be customized to fit each client’s specific needs. offers vending machines in various sizes and configurations that fit most locations. All vending machines are attractive, newer, top-of-the-line-models. Our sizes vary from 33”-46” Wide and 30”-35” Deep and are all uniformly measure 72” in Height. Please visit our machines page  to view all the measurements and electrical certifications.

The specific locations may vary depending on the type of business you have, but the goal is always the same: place the beverage machines in locations that will receive the most foot traffic and in areas that will be the most profitable. When you sign up for our free vending services we assign an account representative who survey your business and walk you through every step of the install process. Your account manager will suggest the best locations and how many vending machines should be installed.

Researching vending for more than one location that may be in more than one county is a hassle. How would you orchestrate such a program? In most cases you would have to work with more than one vending company. Each vending company would have their own accounting system and service department. How would you ever keep track of whom to call when you needed service and collection of commissions? If you need service at more than one location, let help you. Due to our unique platform and ability to remotely monitor all machines, we will work with our local representation to help you deploy machines across the country, while dealing with only one company – is all about choice. Our machines go side-by-side with other (not so healthy) vending machines and products all the time. Most contracts are written specifically to disparage competition. However, we have developed specialized menus to bypass these contracts. To find out more about whether you can receive one of our vending machines, please contact us using our  online form  or call us at +353-014448233

It may take up to 30 days to have your vending machine customized, installed and filled. process for vending machine installation is simple and seamless.

Step 1: Sign Up for Free using our online form   or call us at +353-014448233.

Step 2: will contact you to schedule an appointment for our account representative to come and meet with you.

Step 3: Account representative will determine the best location at your business to place our vending machines, verify that you have the correct electrical outlets and go over product selection with you.

Step 4: The vending machines will be delivered at a mutually agreed date and time.

The cost of the product in the vending machines is different depending on your geographic location. Our prices will always be lower than the surrounding pharmacies and supermarkets.

Of course, you can either request a specific product through our website or talk to your account representative. We want to offer the products your employees want.

We have a large variety of products available and these product choices will vary between our custom vending machines, Coke machines, Pepsi machines, drink machines, soda machines, pop machines, juice machines, beverage machines, and snack machines. The products range from a huge variety of healthy and organic products to all the Coke and Pepsi product lines and much, much more.

Between Snack and beverages, our vending machine platform can hold over 100 different selections at one time.

If a machine has a problem, how quickly do you respond to fix it? software integrates a comprehensive alerting system that prompts our service technicians for all issues, including bill and coin jams, power failures and other revenue impacting issues. Once a problem has been brought to our attention, we generally respond within 1 business day. Keeping our customers happy and our vending machines stocked and functioning properly is our #1 priority.

A variety of things can go wrong with vending machines. is always prepared for the worst-case scenario. Having a software system that monitors all of our equipment 24/7 is incredibly useful and addressing each of the reported issues in a timely manner is vital. We have a full team of staff of vending service specialists on call to assist you and make sure your vending machines are always functioning properly. We take proactive preventative measures to ensure that your vending machines are working 24/7. Any time a vending machine is broken or runs out of products, money revenue is being lost. That is why it is important to have a service department that is well managed, detail oriented and willing to do the follow up necessary to correct any problems that may come up. Please contact us if you experience a problem with your vending machine. We are available on a 24/7 basis through our main phone number and website. When you contact us, your service order is logged into our database and your vending machine is flagged in our software system. We can have your issue corrected within 1 business day and we will always follow-up with you to make sure that your service order was sorted. will reimburse any money that is lost in the vending machine.  If you have to provide a refund, we will replenish this money to you within 24hours as well.

Vending machine vandalism can happen and is usually a temporary situation. Choosing the best location for the vending machines can prevent vandalism. prefers indoor vending machine placements as they are better monitored. If your machine is vandalized, we will promptly address and replace the needed parts and will work with you to prevent future occurrences. reserves the right to remove vending machines if vandalism continues to be an issue.

In some cases, vending machines may need to be moved for building remodeling or office relocations. Whatever the circumstance, we ask that you notify us of a vending machine move as soon as you can. Please contact us at least 15 days in advance of the date you need to have the vending machine moved. We will remove the products, schedule the move with our driver and replenish the products at the new site.

Anytime a vending machine runs empty, money is lost. Many vending companies place their vending machines on a generic refill schedule that is not adequate. The usage on every vending machine fluctuates throughout the seasons. If the vending machines are not on the correct refill schedule, much of the revenue will be lost. At we understand that no two locations are the same and each vending machine deserves our individual attention. Our cloud hosted, remote monitoring software provides full transparency into each machine’s sales, services, alerts, visits and products. Additionally, the software solution utilizes built-in algorithms for optimal merchandise selection for each line in the machine and forecasts products to be brought by the driver prior to each visit to the machine. Our software dynamically schedules refills of each of the vending machines based on the number of pre-set allowed empty lines and total number of sales.

All of our equipment runs on 230 volts / 50 Hz. Most commercial grade three prong outlets will be acceptable to power a vending machine. Power consumption may vary depending on if the machine is placed outdoors or another extreme environment.

It is very important that the correct vending machine products are placed in the machine. will work with you to make sure that you have the optimal product selection for your place of business and will monitor with the help of our integrated software to replace non-performing items with other organic and healthy choices. will provide your location with a web-based portal that will allow for complete transparency into each machine’s sales, servicing and product variety. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed report of the prior month’s sales at the end of each month. If there’s an existing vendor, we can guarantee an increase of at least 20% over your existing monthly revenue. All of our locations where we have replaced other vending companies, have seen a significant increase in commissions.

Companies can benefit from a Mini Market in many ways. They conveniently offer all employees round-the-clock access to fresh, healthy and high-quality food and drinks. As self-service shops with self-checkout, Mini Market are also a time-effective method of staff catering.

These small, company-owned self-service supermarkets are more than just a catering station. They are also an inviting location for colleagues to meet up and enjoy their lunch break. In turn, this also improves the overall working atmosphere.

A Mini Market offers a variety of high-quality and healthy employee meals and snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks. We work with clients to create a compelling range, which is constantly being reviewed and adapted. Our market expertise will ensure that the tailored range of products on offer within your Mini Market, suits your employees’ requirements.

A Mini Market is available in a range of colors and can be branded with your company’s logo.

It is a modular design which can be adapted to fit different spaces. We provide you with a personalized consultation on how to successfully integrate a Mini Market into your workplace.

Unfortunately, a 100% guarantee against any theft is impossible, as it also depends on the integrity of your employees.

As part of the Mini Market we offer data-protection-compliant video security, which is shown within the market and has proven successful as a safeguard.

Our Mini Market prices are based on retail prices. Due to our long-standing market expertise, we are able to offer attractive rates to you and your employees. Rest assured: all your employees will be able to afford the products.

This depends on the size and work required at the location: smaller versions are up and running within a day, while larger versions can take up to 7 days. We always try to install the Mini Market in a way that minimices disruption to your business. All we need is for you to provide an area with easy access to electricity, water and internet. We are happy to give you detailed advice on all technical matters to ensure a smooth installation.

Our terminals accept all common forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, Apple and Android Pay and payment via prepaid accounts.

We are working on developing our payment terminals to use an RFID reading device, which would allow for the smooth integration of compatible systems.

Our employees ensure a sufficient and timely supply of products during working hours. We also guarantee short storage times, so that fresh foods are always readily available and expired products are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our service lines are operated by our specially trained staff and will gladly assist and handle your request in a timely manner. In addition, you will have daily access to an on-site sales representative who would be happy to assist you with any questions and queries. Our Service Level Agreement ensures that downtimes are kept to a minimum.

If you need more information call us toll free at +353-014448233 or fill out the questions section on our Free Setup Form and someone will contact you the next business day.

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