Healthy vending machines in hospitals

Vending machines in hospitals have come under fire in the past few years for perpetuating a junk food habit. That’s why we made it our mission to accelerate hospitals’ transition to selling healthy, approved products in their vending machine with all nutritional information available for the customer.

Healthy vending machines in hospitals

At we recognize that traditional healthcare problems can be solved with innovative healthy solutions.

To complement our standard healthy vending platform, we offer medical vending machines to give you easy and convenient access to various medical-related products. Additionally, using our powerful integrated software, your custom vending machines can catalogue all withdrawals while providing live reporting through a client-specific web portal. Moreover, the platform allows for detailed tracking, which ensures complete transparency. Furthermore, you can customize the software to suit specific needs, thus making it a versatile tool for medical facilities.

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Focus on patient and staff well-being

A productive day at work always consists of a little down time. Nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, administration, everybody needs to take a break now and then. And whether that break translates into coffee, a cold drink or a snack, can provide everything needed to truly refresh your employees.

We collaborate with hospitals, medical centers, paramedic and fire stations, and other emergency facilities to create the best selection of healthy products. Our vending machines prioritize patient and staff well-being, giving them easy and convenient access to a wide variety of healthy items.

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Meeting Nutritional Standards

Ambulance companies, fire stations, paramedic operations and satellite medical offices are often required to keep strict nutritional standards and have long struggled with how to provide easy access to healthy and organic products to its patients and staff., for example, has formulated a perfect healthy vending machine solution. Consequently, empowers medical professionals and hospital visitors with easy access to the healthiest products on the market. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of vending machine types. Some are Combo Vending Machines, designed for a combination of products like drinks and food. In addition, we also have drinks-only vending machines, among others. Thus, our solutions cater to various needs and locations.

Track Sales and Inventory in Real Time

Using our powerful vending machine software, our vending machines can catalogue every transaction and provide powerful live web-based reporting options to our clients.

The software offers real-time visibility into each machine’s sales and inventory, ensuring consistent product supply. Strategically placing retail vending machines in medical facilities helps medical personnel stay on-site, optimizing their work time.

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