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SandenVendo HC (R290)

SandenVendo has developed a range of vending machines where Hydro Carbon is safely applied: a patented, original solution that allows for pursuing our commitment towards the application of natural refrigerants.



In 2017, in compliance with EU F-Gas ban regulation, the company has developed its innovative Vending Machines powered by R290 natural gas.

The G-Drink, G-Snack and B&C Hydro Carbon versions are equipped with R290 gas, a natural, non-toxic refrigerant that is an eco-friendly alternative to the CFC/HCFC/HFC fluorocarbons related to the ozone damage.


SandenVendo has successfully achieved this challenge by pioneering an innovative and patented process where R290 is safely applied to the current range of refrigerated vending machines.

All of our models, including the top-notch G-Drink and G-Snack, with a Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential), are crafted with an innovative system designed with sealed environments so that the food and electronics areas remain separate from the cooling area to avoid contamination and guarantee complete safety.



SandenVendo strives to create ECO-friendly solutions by applying Natural Refrigerants, in order to reduce the direct and indirect emission of greenhouse gases and less impact on GWP.

Powered by a natural, eco-friendly refrigerant, the SandenVendo HC (R290) solution was launched in 2017. The patented, dual-circuit solution that allows R290 gas to circulate in sealed environments, separating the electronics parts and the products compartments. Since the first launch, SandenVendo implemented several improvements in terms of energy efficiency, striving for achieving the challenge of providing eco-friendly solutions.

SandenVendo’s solutions

Safe Solution

Safe Solution

Patented system with dual circuit structure: R290 combined with Glycol (inflammable)

Optimized Parts

Optimized Parts

No ATEX compliant components required in product area: maintain total operation without drastic changes



Powered by green HC energy (R290). The optimized components boost the machine’s energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Maximized energy efficiency thanks to an inverter compressor and the electronic fan motors

High Reliability

High Reliability

The cooling unit is entirely tested and produced by a qualified staff with expertise in thermo-dynamics

Original Solution

Original Solution

The future of eco-friendly resolutions begins with this patented design that pioneered the HC solution in the vending market

SandenVendo Carbon Neutral Project

How far can a company go to turn its green projects into a successful business model?

All SandenVendo products will be powered by «Green» NATURAL GAS

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