Baseus PPDML-I01 Bipow Digital Display Power Bank 10000mAh 15W Black

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Brand: Baseus
Type: Power bank
Type of battery: Polymer-ion
Capacity: 10000 mAh
Input port: Micro USB, USB Type C
Output port: USB Type C, 2 x USB
Power: 15 W
Output current: Max. 5 V/3 A
Dimensions: 153 x 68,8 x 16,9 mm, 153 x 68,8 x 29,5 mm, 153 x 68,8 x 41,7 mm
Content of the set:
1 x Power bank
Major features:
High-capacity battery
Handy and convenient
Low weight
Numerous protective units during charging
NTC protection against overheating
Practical LED display
Broad compatibility
Possible to charge several devices at a time
Housing resistant to damage and dirt
Stylish look
Large capacity and handy shape
Although it is light and small, the power bank stores a lot of energy. It will let you charge such devices as smartphone, tablet or digital camera, which makes it perfect for travels. It takes little space so it can fit any backpack or woman’s handbag, assuring permanent access to the source of charging.
Various ports – broad compatibility
The use of several different ports, including USB and USB Type C, makes this accessory very universal. It can supply power to all popular models of electronics available on the market. There is more than that because you can connect more than one device at a time. This means substantial comfort and possibility of charging a phone or other unit fast and efficiently, no matter where you are.

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