Rendez Vous

Rendez Vous is the line designed around the needs of the consumer, a new way of sharing moments of everyday life, and with a touch of style put into the coffee break. Suitable for offices and industrial contexts, for formal environments or for atmospheres of total relaxation, wherever there is a community to share. The “Rendez Vous” line has a minimal yet functional design, adapting perfectly to the most varied models of OCS machines. With “Rendez Vous” the break is not just a need, it becomes an experience. Its strengths are modularity and composability. It is in fact possible to combine different modules, specially designed to meet the different needs of the customer, such as the shelves dedicated to products for the consumption of coffee and hot drinks and the special compartments that can be used as a pantry or for the insertion of the microwave oven. With particular attention to consumer comfort, modules have been created equipped with practical support points and comfortable seats, equipped with LCD Monitor Kit, magazine holder and USB charging kit. With “Rendez Vous” the break is not just a need, it becomes an experience.

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