Rotary Conveyer System

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Our vending machines are designed to fit in any indoor or outdoor location and become a successful purchasing point for your store: all you need is to understand your customers’ product necessities and place them into your new Extra Vending machine by SandenVendo.

Equipped with the top-notch Rotary Conveyer System technology, our vending machines can accommodate any size of product with ease of placement by simply adjusting the belt on the shelf and let our technology do the rest.

The vending machine is ready-to-connect with the NFC payment system allowing for contactless transactions.

The mechanism is essential an Archimedes screw with a pusher attached. It can be used in place of a single spiral, a double spiral (side by side), or as a syncro spiral (spaced apart on the same tray). It is a plug-and-play replacement for spiral and motor, but does require latest software to be implemented in an existing snack machine.

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Extra Vending Machines

SandenVendo introduces the Extra Vending series, the most versatile vending solution designed to accommodate any type of product. Today, engaging in new profitable opportunities means relying on technologies that can facilitate your business in compliance with the restrictions in force.
Extra Vending provides a safe alternative for selling your products 24/7 in a quick and smart way


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