“Hey, this coffee is grooving!”

Tired of the same old coffee?

Lift your work break with Unoffice, the vintage-style tabletop coffee machine designed to please your search for tasteful coffee with the least environmental impact.



Vintage meets Technology

Unoffice is what happens when you combine superior coffee brewing performance with an exclusive vintage design.

Grind & Groove

Are you a coffee lover? Take your time to select your favorite coffee beans, fill Unoffice’s single or double beans canister, let it grind, and finally enjoy your hot drink.


Life in Colors

Choose between four vintage colors; moreover, add a touch of Italian flair to your office with a unique coffee machine that serves premium quality coffee in the most stylish way.


Smooth Operations with the New 10″ Touch Display of Unoffice

Lay back and enjoy a time-saving experience with Unoffice new touch display designed to cut out all the time-consuming selection operations and keep only the essentials.

coffee machine

Be friendly, it’s eco!

Goodbye coffee pods, and welcome to the new era of responsible coffee consumption: Unoffice is designed to solely process coffee from its beans thus making each cup a proper moment of bliss.

Taste the authentic flavors of coffee with Unoffice

Take a moment to embrace the flavors that make your coffee blend so unique: Unoffice is designed to solely pour coffee beverages without adding milk products.


coffee machine

Download brochure Unoffice

If you have interest in delving deeper into the Unoffice coffee machine, it is very essential to familiarize yourself with its features. Furthermore, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its operation and maintenance is crucial. In addition to that, exploring our brochure can provide you with invaluable insights. Consequently, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision. Additionally, you can easily access in-depth information by downloading our brochure. This resource will provide you with insights into the machine’s capabilities, ease of use, and tips for proper maintenance. Consequently, this will ensure you make an informed decision.
Furthermore, here’s the PDF document for you to download.

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