Kildare Vending Services

The whole point of running a vending machine business is to make money. So if you are planning to get a Kildare vending machine, the first obvious question would be – what items would bring in the most income? That is what we are going to talk about today.

Kildare is a fairly populous town, with over 10,300 residents as of the last census. In addition, horse racing enthusiasts flock in by the thousands during race season from March to October. There are also numerous sights that draw in tourists year-round. What all this means is that there is no shortage of potential customers for Kildare vending machines. And this is precisely why it is a great place to start a vending machine enterprise.

Kildare Vending Services

Top-Selling Items in Kildare Vending Machines

Aside from being quite huge, the target market in Kildare is also diverse. This gives you a wide range of choices as to which items to sell. Here are some viable choices for you to consider.

Snacks and Beverages

The all-time top seller in vending machines, snacks and drinks are sure to sell in Kildare. People get hungry all the time. They will want to munch on something while watching a horse race. They will need to refresh with a cold drink after seeing so many sights. Even locals will surely appreciate easy access to a quick snack while in town.


Kildare residents love their coffee. There will always be someone who suddenly has a craving for a delicious cup of warm espresso and voila! Your coffee vending machine is right there to save the day. It’s also great to place these machines in offices, schools and hospitals where people might need the extra boost to stay alert.

Washroom Products

Not everyone would always have a pack of wipes in their bag or pocket when they go out of the house. For those times that people need to use the toilet, a washroom vending machine can provide such products and would surely be a huge convenience. Women, especially, can get access to sanitary pads or tampons in complete privacy. They won’t need to feel embarrassed buying these products during an emergency.


Over the last couple of decades, more than 250,000 people in Ireland have switched from smoking to vaping. As you can imagine, there is now a massive market for vape users. Ultimately, this means a lot of sales for a Kildare vending machine that dispenses vape products.

Where to Obtain a Kildare Vending Machine

The vending industry has been alive and kicking in Ireland for years. There are now several providers offering all sorts of machines you can choose from. However, if you want to ensure the success of your business, you need top quality machines and superior service. This is exactly what you can get from

An industry leader since the 1930s, has been named the Vending Machine Company of the Year for 3 consecutive years now. We offer a full range of vending products and solutions, including fully managed services where we take care of everything while you just enjoy the profits! If you are ready to begin your Kildare vending business, let us know and we’ll be on it right away!

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