5 reasons to install a Coffee Vending Machine in your company:

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If you are not sure whether you should take a Coffee vending machine for your company or not, we recommend you to acquire one. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy one:

1. Savings money and time:

First of all, it doesn’t matter what time it is or what day of the week it is. You will have freshly brewed coffee 24 hours a day in your company. No need to leave the company, so a worker can save money and time.

There is a notable difference in the price of having a coffee or a snack in a vending machine or having it in a bar. The snacks can be the same in one place as in another, and the coffee of a vending machine, if it is of quality, has nothing to envy to that of a bar. Also, depending on the time of day, the bars are not always open.

2. Coffee Vending Machine – Strengthen marketing

– Internal marketing:

Your employees have their space and time to pause and relax within the company. In addition to helping to strengthen the relationships between workers, they will be happier and will strengthen productivity and work efficiency.

– External marketing:

Above all, having areas within the company with vending machines to be able to have a coffee strengthens the image of your company towards visits from abroad, customers, suppliers, in the waiting time-spaces or breaks in the meetings.

3. Vending products best price and quality:

Most noteworthy is the products you choose for your company. You have to choose from a huge variety of high-quality products. The best coffee, infusions, chocolates and hot or cold drinks. You can choose the products you want the vending or vending machine to have.

4. Coffee Vending Machine Payment Methods:

Vending machines put all technological innovation at the service of our consumers and customers for your convenience when paying. Different payment method solutions adapting the machine and providing advantages to the consumer and the company to make it more comfortable.

The different payment methods integrated into a vending machine can be the following:

Payment with currency: Certainly the most traditional. Vending machines have a wallet installed that returns the exchange for use with coins.

Card payment: Card payment system that makes easier the use of vending machines avoiding having to carry changes.

Payment with tickets: Payment with tickets in case the client has no coins.

Employee card or electronic key: Payment through a rechargeable electronic card or key. It is usually used when there is regular consumption.

5. Coffee Vending Machine Services:

The installation in your company and the machine has no cost. At vending-machines.ie, we take care of everything. We give you top-quality service and guarantee so you don’t have to take care of anything.

We offer quality personalized service so that your company only enjoys the Coffee Vending Machine and its products.

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