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Experience simplified global customs with local expertise.

Local expertise, global reach

To ensure seamless movement, prerequisites like compliance and clearances must be managed efficiently. A trusted partner who understands the complexities of your supply chain and local regulations can help in making the whole process easier.

With our Customs Services, you can simplify your imports and exports anywhere in the world. Firstly, we provide visibility and efficiency to streamline your international transactions. Additionally, our services ensure a smooth compliance process, guaranteeing that your shipments meet all regulatory requirements. Moreover, benefit from a global network of customs experts dedicated to keeping your goods moving round the clock. Additionally, you also get the flexibility of adding customs at the time of booking your ocean shipment or at a later stage.

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Why choose our Customs Services?

Our Customs Services proactively manages your import and export activities to save you time and manage exceptions by:

End to end integration

Providing end-to-end integration

Integrate your customs process with our Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform for export data management and downstream import benefits.

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Global Trade and Customs Consulting services

With the support of compliance experts and specialist trade consultants, navigate the complex world of tariff codes, taxes, duties, and international trade regulations seamlessly. This collaboration is instrumental in helping decrease costs and increase predictability. Furthermore, stay informed about the ever-changing regulatory landscape to proactively address challenges and optimize your trade operations.

Offers more compliance control

Offering more compliance control

Dedicated compliance management teams to closely monitor your customs activity along with the latest changes in legislation.

Optimises your supply chain

Optimising your supply chain
Ensure your complex supply chain runs smoothly by minimizing downtime and reducing costs. Additionally, implement a tailor-made approach that’s unique to your business needs, thereby enhancing efficiency. Moreover, continuously evaluate and adapt strategies to address evolving challenges in the dynamic market landscape.

Manages risk and unpredictability

Collaborating with our customs clearance agents

A close working relationship with one customs service provider throughout your cargo journey; someone who understands your business needs and increases your supply chain efficiency and visibility.

Collaboration with Maersk experts

Managing risk and unpredictability
A centralised team of experts to execute your customs process with compliance and efficiency.

Customs Clearance Services

Every importer and exporter needs to have customs clearance. We can help expedite this process at both origin and destination. Our core services include:

  • Import Declarations
  • Export Declarations
  • In-Transit Declarations

Export declarations

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