Extra Vending Machines

Change the way you think vending machines

Extra Vending Machines

SandenVendo introduces the Extra Vending series, the most versatile vending solution designed to accommodate any type of product. Today, engaging in new profitable opportunities means relying on technologies that can facilitate your business in compliance with the restrictions in force.

Extra Vending provides a safe alternative for selling your products 24/7 in a quick and smart way


Our vending machines are designed to fit in any indoor or outdoor location and become a successful purchasing point for your store: all you need is to understand your customers’ product necessities and place them into your new Extra Vending machine by SandenVendo.

Equipped with the top-notch Pao Belt System technology, our vending machines can accommodate any size of product with ease of placement by simply adjusting the belt on the shelf and let our technology do the rest.

The vending machine is ready-to-connect with the NFC payment system allowing for contactless transactions.


So you say you deal with fresh food?

This is an open call for farmers, bakers, food producers and retailers: don’t limit your business opportunities to your shop’s opening hours, boost your sales by providing your customers with a reliable ummanned 24/7 service.

Choose our Extra Vending solution to serve your fresh products anywhere. Thanks to the ease of usage and maximum flexibility, our model can accommodate any size and shape of products without risking it to be damaged by the delivery system.

Try with eggs.

The vending machine’s smooth delivery systems allows for the accommodation of any type of fresh product, including the most fragile ones, like eggs. But think further, and fill your new Extra Vending machine with veggies, cakes, cold cuts, homemade sauces and jams, fresh pasta product and dairies.

We’ll provide you with the technology and an easy and quick way for fostering your revenues so that you’ll only have to worry about your products.



Re-think your business with Extra Vending

Provide your customers with an extra service that suits their needs; choosing an Extra Vending machine by SandenVendo means relying on market-proven models that can accommodate your products with ease and reliability.

Make your clients happy!

Gym owner? Look beyond energy drinks and arrange a vending spot where they can also buy clean towels, yoga mats, earphones, gym clothing and anythihg that could be useful for them to enjoy your venue and become loyal customers.

DIY shop owner? Simply place your new Extra Vending machine outside and furnish it with the necessary tools to become a reliable unmanned 24/7 service for your customers: spikes, hammers, tape, glue and special promotions.

The Extra Vending solution is designed to turn any indoor or outdoor location into a profitable point of sale for:

– Pet Shops
– DIY Shops
– Fitness Shops
– Healthy Shops
– Petrol Stations Shops
– Personal Protection Materials Shop
– Safety Protection
– Travel Shops

…or your shop!


Unattended 24/7 service

Unattended 24/7 service

To serve your customers in all circumstances

Flexibility at its finest

Flexibility at its finest

Accommodate any type and size of product

Proven reliability

Proven reliability

Market-proven and premium technologic features

NFC Payment system (optional)

NFC Payment system (optional)

The new purchasing trend at your disposal

Top-notch technology

Top-notch technology

Advanced features as a signature of our expertise

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Make it yours and stand out from the crowd

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