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Kerry vending machines are quickly becoming a highly viable source of income for businesses in Ireland. This might seem straightforward at first because first of all, Kerry is a rural location. Also, there are surely many busier cities and towns in Ireland that would make a better location for putting up a vending machine. Considering these, will a Kerry vending machine be even profitable?

Kerry Vending

If a non-native tries to imagine what Ireland looks like, a picture of Kerry County would be a very close match – magnificent castles, glorious lakes, amazing terrains, and such. All these and practically all that is wonderful in nature is the image that the world knows of Ireland, as it is portrayed in movies. What the movies don’t show, however, is that despite being a rural location, Kerry does have a thriving business community, especially in its most populous towns of Tralee and Killarney. These towns are actually the perfect venues for putting up some vending machines.

Costs of Getting into the Kerry Vending Business

Acquiring a vending machine could involve significant spending. A really good machine would typically cost thousands of dollars if you buy it outright. The actual price would depend on the model that you pick. You will also have to factor in the cost of delivery and installation and of course, you would have to stock up your new machine with whatever it is you plan on selling.

In addition, there is the matter of rental fees for the location, unless you are the owner of the establishment. You might also have to pay for a business license and registration. All this would obviously add up so you have to plan very carefully in order to minimize expenses while also maximizing profit.

There is actually a way to cut down significantly on the initial costs of a vending business in Ireland. At, you can get your own vending machine for free. That’s right – no installation fee and no outright payment. You can use the machine, stock it up and watch the sales come in, all without spending a single cent on the machine.

Potential Profits from a Kerry Vending Machine

As for how much you can earn, there are several factors that come into play. The most definitive ones are the type of products you sell and the marketability of your location. On average, a vending machine in Kerry sells approximately €72 a week.

In general, snack machines and beverage machines generate the highest sales. But depending on the combination of all factors, many other types of vending machines can also earn you a sizable passive income. With strategic planning and marketing, your machine can rake in more than €100 a day!

Most of it boils down to working with the right vending machine provider. Here at, we not only provide the most advanced automats available today, but we also provide all other relevant services, from helping you choose a location for your Kerry vending machine to ensuring that it is adequately stocked at all times.

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