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Kilkenny vending machines present a great earning potential. Each year, more than 1.5 million tourists flock to see Kilkenny Castle and the other picturesque attractions of the city. As they inevitably get hungry and thirsty from all the sight-seeing, a strategically placed Kilkenny vending machine can easily come to the rescue.

Tips for Maximizing Your Kilkenny Vending Profits

The potential is definitely there. Still, you have some work cut out for you if you want to really get the most profits from your investment. Plus, there is a lot of competition in the area. Many business-minded entities are also putting up their own vending machines in the city. With that being said, here are some excellent tips to follow.

Kilkenny Vending Machine

Pick a High-Traffic Location

The success of a vending machine depends largely on the volume of foot traffic in the area. The more people there are, the more chances that someone will make a purchase. Locations near tourist attractions are great. However, you should also consider other populated areas like office buildings, schools, or healthcare facilities.

Sell Marketable Products

Snacks and beverages are the biggest income generators in the Kilkenny vending industry. People will always need to eat and drink. However, keep in mind that the best products to sell would vary across locations. In a gym, for instance, chips and chocolates might not be the best choice. Here, people are likely to go for healthier food options and cold drinks that are very refreshing after a workout. In places where people might want to stay awake, coffee machines would be very popular.

There are also a lot of non-food items that sell very well in vending machines. Feminine hygiene products are great for public restrooms. In bars and other similar recreational areas, you can expect decent income from vape vending machines.

Use Competitive Pricing

It can be tempting to increase the mark-up on products to get a bigger profit. But you will quickly realize that a competitive price encourages consumers to buy more. The profit per item might be smaller but you will gain a broader and more loyal consumer base. This will lead to a better return on investment in the long run.

Choose the Right Kilkenny Vending Machine Provider

Finally, it is crucial that you select the right Kilkenny vending company to work with. Don’t just purchase vending machines from the first supplier you find. Look for a company that will give you quality, comprehensive service. That is exactly what we do at

Why Choose

Our machines are equipped with the latest features in vending technology. We customize vending solutions to fit each client’s needs. We also offer fully managed services that will free you of all maintenance duties on your vending machines. From installation to restocking and repairs, we will take care of everything for you.

Anything you need that will help you maximize your vending profits, we can provide. So if you are keen on starting a Kilkenny vending business, call us. We will schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the right plan to help you reach your target.

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