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Laois vending machines are not very common. Agriculture takes up most of the space, accounting for over 70% of the county. However, there are some populated industrial parks, such as those in Mountmellick, Portarlington and the county town of Portlaoise. Even in these more urban areas, there are not many Laois vending machines as of today. This is why it would be the perfect investment to meet the rising demand.

Laois Vending

Ideal Places to Set Up Laois Vending Machines

Since there are not that many vending machines in the area just yet, it won’t be hard to find a location that would benefit from one. Here are some of the most suitable places you can consider.


Hospitals are always open, with patients coming in for treatment and staff coming into work even at night. During these hours, most stores have already shut down. So if anyone gets hungry or thirsty, a Laois vending machine can come to the rescue. Likewise, vending machines give relatives and friends of patients easy access to food and drinks without having to exit the hospital.

Schools and Universities

We all know how young people can be insatiable eaters. In the many national schools and primary schools of Laois vending machines can provide snacks to these kids. The machines can specifically dispense only healthy foods that will give children the nutrition they need while at school. Teachers and other school staff can also benefit from these machines.

Manufacturing Facilities

Employees are very busy in manufacturing facilities. Many of them are too tired during lunch breaks or snack breaks to leave the building to buy food. By installing vending machines in strategic areas in the facility, they can have access to much needed sustenance to get them through the day.

Shopping Centres

Laois vending machines would do very well in shopping centers and similar establishments. In addition to machines that dispense snacks and beverages, washroom vending machines are also profitable in these places. Not everyone carries along washroom essentials while shopping. It would be a huge convenience if they can get these items right where they need it.


Office workers do not always have time to prepare lunch or snacks for work. But if there are vending machines in the office building, they can simply buy their food from there. Coffee vending machines, in particular, are suitable for offices. Many employees might be looking for a caffeine boost, and these machines will certainly come through.

Trusted Provider of Laois Vending Machines

So now you have picked a location for your Laois vending machine and decided what items to sell. The next vital step is to find a reputable provider. If you want the best, there’s only one name you should trust, and that is

For decades, has been providing top-of-the-line vending solutions all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our machines are equipped with the most advanced features that will help boost your sales and simplify your operations. We also offer top quality customer service, making us the most referred vending company in the area. If you are interested, we would be happy to tell you more! Let us know so we can pencil you in for a free consultation.

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