Age verification AI module

2.400,00 Price Ex VAT

Recurrent Fees:

€39.99 per month for the service fee that includes software license, updates, support by email or phone call and access to dashboard, where they could see their devices, verification, and sales.
€0.3 per check

List of Irish IDs supported

All card IDs listed on PRADO system are available to train our system, please review full list here:

For Ireland:

  • Passport
  • Passport Card
  • Driving License
  • Age Card

Age verifier

Fully automated age verification solution for vending machines. The Age Verifier contains a biometric camera and own-made document scanner that allows to provide two-step verification process, most suitable for precise, quick and secure age verification on the spot at your vending machine.

Increase your sales with age restricted products

Profit from age restricted products is higher

Does not allow sales to minors

Age Verifier is dealing with all this issues

Plug & play for most machines

Age Verifier installs in less than five minutes. Drill four holes with given template, connect two MDB plugs and power supply.

MDB / API compatible

Compatible with classic MDB operated vending machines and smart vending machines through API connection

No account creation required

Face and ID are required to complete age verification, no apps to download.

Does not store any PII data

It stores only hashes of PII, which means that no of any PII data can be extracted from the storage.



Age verification add-on module is made for vending machines, self-checkouts, pick-up points and self-service-markets. Artificial intelligence and machine learning with biometric/special camera and document scan more accurately verify a customer’s age than a human.

Age Verification for Vending Machines

Age Verification for Vending Machines

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