Dual Coin Pro B2C or BC2C Change Machine

3.610,00 Price Ex VAT

Acceptance Setup & Peripherals
Coin Only (RM5) (+€0.00)
Banknote Only (NV10) (+€200.00)
Coin & Banknote (RM5 & NV10) (+€270.00)
Banknote Only With Stacker (NV9) (+€350.00)

Base Unit (Pedestal – Black)
Not Required (+€0.00)
Required (+€258.00)

Maintenance Agreement (Parts & Labour)
Not Required (+€0.00)
1 Year Agreement (+€355.00)

Security Bar Set
Not Required (+€0.00)
Required (+€185.00)



The Dual Coin Pro is the ideal solution for dispensing large amounts of two different coin/token denominations. Its exceptional structural strength, the reinforced closing mechanisms and the ccTalk protocol make Dual Coin Pro one of the most secure change machines on the market. The 32-bit CPU provides notable functions, such as importing/exporting configuration parameters, exporting accounting data and the useful function of machine cloning. Dual Coin PRO can be equipped with the NV9 USB banknote reader with built-in stacker to stack up to 600 banknotes.

Please note: this machine is sold on an equipment wholesale basis and doesn’t includes delivery to site. Installation & training are not included. A telephone support line is provided by the manufacturer and warranty is back to base only.


This machine can be supplied to accept banknotes only and pay-out in two denominations of coins or tokens, or alternatively, setup to accept banknotes and coins and payout in two denominations of coins or tokens depending on your requirements. The total coin capacity is circa 7000 coins based on the 1 Euro coin denomination. The cash box capacity based on 1 Euro denomination is 4600 coins. Evolution hoppers with extensions are installed as standard.

Product Features

  • Operation via ccTalk.
  • Distribution of coins and tokens.
  • Bonus function for tokens.
  • New 32-bit CPU with SD-card.
  • Exporting of accounting data and importing of configuration parameters via SD-card.
  • Machine cloning function.
  • Compartment pre-set for free dispensing or else for collection cups: facilitates the collection of large amounts of coins and tokens.
  • The separate dispensing of coins and tokens, which are contained in different hoppers, can be selected using the appropriate button.
  • Internal on/off controls to prevent tampering
  • Pivoting door to facilitate dispenser-loading and cash box removal operations.
  • Additional doors for recharging the change machine (located on the cover).
  • Coins/tokens dispensed automatically or manually.
  • LCD graphic display.
  • Installation: wall mounted, by means of 3 anchoring bolts to be inserted at the back of the device; countertop; free standing.

Files / Downloads

Dual Coin Pro Change Machine Technical Manual

Change Machines (Full Pro Range) Brochure

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