TCN-FFM-ZV-HB Hamburger Vending Machine

17.000,00 Price Ex VAT

Shipping China / Dublin: €1000. (per units) – Approx

Local port destination cost €1000 (per units) – Approx

Customs Clearance €150.00 (per units)

Customs Duty (approx.) €200.00 (per unit)


  • TCN hot food vending machine is an end-to-end solution to sell all types of hot food. Great for group canteens and restaurants.
  • Featuring an innovative heating module, it can deliver pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, pre-cooked meals and other baked goods. In addition, the heating time can be adjusted according to the food being sold, thus guaranteeing the best consumable conditions.
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●The freezing area uses refrigerators to freeze commodities, and the first-level energy consumption is 0.55KW*h/24h.

●The freezing capacity is 10KG/12h, and the temperature range is -26°C—10°C.

●The swing arm suction cup mechanism is adopted: it can move up and down, and the rotating swing arm sucks the goods to the designated position and

has a wider applicability

●ozone sterilization: sterilize the inside of the refrigerator and remove odors.

●It can precisely control the work of each magnetron to ensure heating uniformity and efficiency; it can be continuously heated and sold.


  • The heating speed is fast (60 seconds fast heating),  can be heated continuously.
  • The whole machine can be heated, and the maximum temperature of the whole machine can reach 55 degrees.
  • The meal time is less than 15 seconds for cold meals and less than 90 seconds for heated meals, and the heating is even.
  • The capacity is large, and the products sold can be diversified, such as biscuits, boxed drinks, and milk.
  • For light inspection, it can be applied to various sizes of commodities.
  • Electronic price tags make it easier to update product prices.
  • There is a platform for placing goods at the pickup port to prevent the food from being hot.
  • Flexible cargo lane and price planning: can use the shopping cart function
  • Background billboard
  • Expiration Timer: Control of Product Expiration Dates
  • Rugged Vandal Resistant Keyboard
  • Over temperature lock machine.



NameHamburger Vending Machine
Outside DimensionsH: 1940mm, W:1370mm, D: 1280 mm
maximum sizeH:80mm,W:160mm,D:160mm
Merchandise  type60-160 types(according to products size)
Storage Capacity

60-160 boxes

Power3800W(microwave oven 3000W)
Refrigeration  temperature-26-10℃(adjustable)
Payment SystemBill,Coin,Coin Dispenser(MDB Protocol)
Standard interfaceMDB/DEX
LCD Screen32 inches
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