TCN-NLC-58(V10) TCN Locker Vending Machine (Slave only) – no cooling

2.000,00 Price Ex VAT

Shipping China / Dublin: €1000. (per units) – Approx

Local port destination cost €1000 (per units) – Approx

Customs Clearance €150.00 (per units)

Customs Duty (approx.) €200.00 (per unit)



Locker Vending Machine
– Model: TCN-NLC-58(V10);
– Used for snacks, drinks, daily products, pharmacy etc.;
– 10.1 inch touch screen for advertising, good display & selection, setting,
– Standard MDB interface, capable of different cashless payments.
– Bigger capacity with expansion of different slaves, including 19S/27S/40S/64S door;
– Space Saving / wall anchored, and flashing neon light;
– Customization Service: color, decals, video display, door size.

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