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Wexford, Ireland is known to be a peaceful, picturesque town that boasts long stretches of golden coastline. It is also a farming town, with agriculture accounting for a large part of the economy. But this doesn’t mean that it is lagging when it comes to modern-day conveniences like vending machines. In fact, Wexford vending machines are not only very popular but are also extremely cutting-edge. They are also among the most lucrative businesses in town these days.

How Much Does a Vending Machine Earn in a Day?

Would you believe that some Wexford vending machines generate as much as €300 in a day? With a combination of a strategic location, saleable products, and an active consumer base, you can make that much, or even more. The average daily earnings, however, is at about €75, which is still not bad at all.

Wexford Vending Machine

Popular Locations for Vending Machines in Wexford

As a rule, commercial establishments and public places that see a lot of foot traffic make perfect sense for a vending machine. Malls, bus or train stations, school cafeterias, and hospital waiting areas are some of the popular spots.

Offices are also good places for vending machines, not necessarily for the massive profit. Many business owners install vending machines on the premises to give employees access to nice food options without having to leave the building. This saves a lot of time and also increases overall work productivity.

Excellent Reasons for Investing in a Wexford Vending Machine Business

Other than the earning potential, there are plenty of other excellent reasons why you might want to invest your money in a Wexford vending machine business.

Easy Installation

All you really have to do is get a vending machine, hook it up, and fill it with products. In fact, you don’t even have to do any of these because the vending machine company will set it up for you. All you have to do is provide the location.

Easy Operation

With vending machines, you don’t have to pay wages for anyone to run it because it is a fully self-service machine. The only thing you have to do is refill it when stocks are running low, and to retrieve the payments if your machine accepts physical payments.

Wide Range of Products

Initially, vending machines were primarily for snacks and beverages. These are still the highest-grossing machines now but the selection is much wider. You can sell anything from washroom products to travel gadgets. There are also a lot of Wexford vending machines that sell vape products.

Starting Your Wexford Vending Business with a Solid Foundation

Starting a new business always comes with significant risk. But you can minimize these risks and increase your chances of success by choosing your vending machine supplier well. In the town of Wexford and in fact, all over Ireland and Northern Ireland, there is one name that stands out, and that is Vending-Machines.ie.

Here at Vending-Machines.ie, you can’t go wrong. We provide custom vending solutions that perfectly meet your requirements. We have vending packages for any situation and for any budget. To learn more, contact us anytime and we will schedule a free consultation!

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