What Type of Vending Machines Make the Most Money?

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Profit of Vending Machine Business

The profit that you can get out of a vending machine depends on several factors. You would have to consider the start-up cost, the feasibility of the location, maintenance, pricing, and so many other elements. In general, vending machines are indeed profitable, but there are some types that make significantly more money than others. If you want to target the maximum earnings, you should invest in one of these money-makers.


Hot Drinks Vending Machines

It is no secret that hot tea is the favorite drink in Ireland, with most people drinking at least 5 cups a day. The Irish are also coffee-loving people, with adults consuming an average of three cups a day. Thus, it is only to be expected that hot drinks vending machines that dole out tea and coffee are the most popular types of vending machines in the country.

By installing this type of vending machine, a high profit is a certainty. But if you really want to maximize your earnings, you also need to choose a feasible location. Basically, you want to place a coffee or tea vending machine in a place where people have to do a lot of waiting or sitting around, like offices, hospitals and schools. They won’t work as well in busier locations like shopping malls.

Snack Vending Machines

Snacks had been among the first items to be sold through vending machines and to this day, they remain to be one of the most popular. The great thing about snacks is that you can offer a wide variety. However, this also means that you will have to do a bit of research to figure out which particular snacks are most attractive to your target market.

In Ireland, you can definitely generate significant income from a vending machine that is stocked with chips, chocolate bars, and other sweet and savory treats. You can earn even more by positioning these types of machines in the right places like schools and office buildings.

Soda Vending Machines

Although Ireland is not a warm country, there is still a relatively high demand for sodas and other cold drinks on the go, and this can peak considerably during the summer months. Operating a soda vending machine means you need to factor in the cost and maintenance of refrigeration. Nevertheless, you can easily recoup this expense with the right pricing and strategic location of your machine.

Sanitary Vending Machines

This is definitely in a different category from snacks and beverages but there is no doubt that sanitary vending machines are very popular in Ireland. For one thing, they are a necessity so you have a sure market, regardless of the location or the season. With appropriate pricing, you can profit greatly from this type of vending machine.

Choose the Right Vending Machine

With careful thought and adequate planning, buying a vending machine can be a win-win venture. Make sure that you partner with the right supplier that can give you not only the best products but also impeccable service. Call us today and start your vending business on the right foot!

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