Are Vending Machines Easy to Maintain?

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Vending machines are now so much better since they first came to be many years ago. Today, they come with all sorts of features that no one would have imagined before. Age verification, remote monitoring, and cashless payments – these are just some of the marvels that are now common in vending machines. But even the most advanced vending machines need periodic maintenance to stay in perfect working order.

Are Vending Machines Easy to Maintain?

What Is Involved in Maintaining Vending Machines?

It is true that vending machines can operate on their own without the need for staff to man them. They run continuously without breaks and this can sometimes take its toll. To make sure that they are in optimum condition, a technician needs to perform regular maintenance checks. Here are the routine steps involved during a typical session.

  • Give the machine an initial inspection, both the outer and inner parts. Outdoor vending machines, in particular, can get plenty of damage from misuse and from natural elements.
  • Examine all parts of the machine and check for signs of damage. Although they are just standing in one spot all the time, the motor runs continuously and parts are prone to regular wear and tear.
  • Run routine tests to see if the machine’s operation is up to par. Vending machine maintenance specialists have tests to determine the quality of performance.
  • If necessary, replace parts that are no longer worthy. If more serious problems are present, the machine might have to go for repairs.
  • Perform a thorough cleaning of the machine. Keeping vending machines clean is a crucial part of maintenance. Even dust can eventually cause the deterioration of a machine if you let it build up.

How Often Should Vending Machines Get a Maintenance Check?

The frequency of maintenance checks of your vending machine depends on a lot of factors, like the type of machine that you have. For example, snack machines that sell only items that do not spoil can go for months without maintenance. On the other hand, with slush machines that require refrigeration and dispense perishable items, you must do the checks more often.

The amount of use that a machine gets also determines the frequency of maintenance it requires. A machine that is in a high-traffic area and that gets plenty of customers also gets heavier use. It is more prone to damage and so it requires at least a weekly check.

The age of the machine is also a determining factor for deciding the maintenance intervals. With some brand new machines, you can wait 6 months or even a year before having it checked for the first time. The older the machine gets, the more often it requires a look-see.

Who Should Perform Vending Machine Maintenance?

Only qualified technicians should perform the maintenance of vending machines. If you buy your machines here at, you can take advantage of our full maintenance and repair services. Our highly trained team of technicians has years of experience, so you can rest assured that your machine is in capable hands.

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