Can You Sell Condoms in a Vending Machine?

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Most people are familiar with vending machines as an easy way to buy snacks and drinks. Over the years, however, technology has made it easy to sell just about any item you want through these machines. So if you are wondering if you can use a vending machine to sell condoms, the simple answer is yes. However, the sale of contraceptives may come with restrictions in certain places. You will have to take these matters into consideration before you begin stocking your machines.

Can You Sell Condoms in a Vending Machine?

Why Condom-Dispensing Machines Are a Marvelous Idea

Selling condoms to customers 17 years and older is perfectly legal in Ireland. Authorities actually encourage the buying of condoms to promote safe sex. However, many young people still feel uneasy or awkward when buying contraceptives over the counter. They might feel conscious that other people are looking at them or judging them.

Buying condoms from a machine, on the other hand, is much more private. If a consumer wants their purchase to be confidential, a condom-dispensing machine is the way to go. Ultimately, these machines can help to normalize the use of condoms and the practice of safe sex.

Best Places to Install Vending Machines That Sell Condoms

Figuring out where to place a condom vending machine can be trickier than you think. It’s a perfectly ordinary commodity but it is not something that everyone is willing to buy out in the open. Thus, the best places for these machines would be those that are discreet and private. Restrooms and pharmacies are some of the most common locations.

When deciding on a location for your condom vending machine, it is also important to think of your target market. Sexually active adults are your main buyers. Therefore, you will want to place your machine in areas frequented by your target customers. With that being said, bars, nightclubs, and supermarkets are great choices.

In many parts of the world, condom vending machines have been showing up more frequently on university campuses. This actually makes a lot of sense. After all, young people are now more sexually active than ever. By giving them access to effective and affordable contraception, you are actually helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs, not to mention making a nice profit for yourself at the same time.

Start Vending with

The condom industry is huge and continues to grow at a rapid rate. So if you are thinking of selling these contraceptives via vending machines, now is the best time to do it. Make sure you get your business off on the right foot by working with a trusted vending solutions provider.

Here at, we provide top quality machines that are equipped with the most high-tech features. We can stock your machine with Ireland’s best-selling brands of condoms, pregnancy kits, and all sorts of contraceptives. In fact, we can help you with every single aspect of your vending business if that is what you need. Give us a call and we’ll meet you for a free consultation!

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