Enjoy the brrreeze


SandenVendo’s renowned expertise in cooling technologies is today applied to the frozen food universe: meet G-Frozen. This is, indeed, a novel vending solution meticulously designed to meet the demands of an increasingly discerning clientele.

Designed with a sub-zero temperature range, G-Frozen embraces all of SandenVendo’s popular flexible features as well as an anti-vandal motorized shutter and modular delivery spirals that adapt to several product types and sizes.

Exceptionally ideal as an automated ice-cream dispenser, G-Frozen can also accommodate a large variety of edibles thus serving grab&go products for daytime workers and late-night clients looking for nourishing gluten-free ready meals, healthy food preparations or vegan options.


G-Frozen is SandenVendo’s first vending machine with direct HC cooling gas expansion.

To reduce the direct and indirect emission of greenhouse gases and minimize the impact on GWP, G-Frozen is powered by R290, a natural, eco-friendly refrigerant.

Backed by its flagship expertise in cooling technologies, SandenVendo extends its product range to dispensing Frozen Food with G-Frozen. This is a model that boasts a large product capability, thereby meeting the rising demand of the frozen market.

Cold Air Curtain prevents heat ingress to products

Maximum Flexibility with Modular Spirals

ATEX Compliant Eco-Friendly Technology

Heated Triple Panel Glass Door to Avoid Condensation

Anti-Vandal Motorized Shutter

Fully Customizable Control Panel with Touch Display


Modern people are shifting to a more convenient lifestyle

Thanks to the progress made in food technology. So today, we have the ability to choose from a wide array of options for frozen, delicious, ready-to-heat meals.

Forget boring lunch breaks, the future is healthy, and is finally here!

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