How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Vending Machine Running?

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Like many ventures, a vending machine business has highs and lows that would-be owners should consider. One of the most crucial factors when deciding on this startup is the cost of running it. Is the machine expensive? Should you rent or own it? Do you have to spend a lot of money on inventory? These are concerns that you can learn more about in this guide.

What can affect vending machine business costs?

There are many variables that can add to the cost of operating a vending business. Generally, three factors often dictate how much the owner needs to shell out for the overall expenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Vending Machine Running?

Type and size

Your choice of automat will largely affect the amount you must invest in the startup. Whether you rent or own the vending machine, there are corresponding costs to its type and size. For example, a simple model can cost about €3,000. There are payment plans available to make it even easier to handle your budget.

You may also opt for bigger and more sophisticated machines that have additional features. Some types of vendors can have age verification for adult-only products like tobacco. Other models have QR scanners and card payment terminals, providing more convenient options for buyers.

Administrative expenses

Where you plan to install the machine will add up to your investment as well. If you want to put it up on a specific establishment, the owner may charge royalties or a leasing fee. Typically, they will ask for a cut in sales or a fixed monthly rental, depending on your agreement.

Other potential expenses you could shoulder include insurance and card terminal fees. Since people these days prefer cashless payment, you may need to pay a monthly premium to keep these channels available.

Service and maintenance

Most vending machines do not require too much effort to operate since you can do bulk restocking on a schedule. Still, it will depend on what merchandise you plan to sell. A snack vending machine may cost less, while an automat dispensing luxury items or perishable food may cost more.

Also, you can expect to pay for maintenance or repairs because machines can fail or break down at any time. A warranty or insurance can cover some issues, but it’s better to perform maintenance checks occasionally. Doing so can help lessen the need for repairs.

How much should you invest in a vending machine business?

Now, here comes the biggest question: how much will it cost you to run this business? Considering these factors, it’s safe to say that the numbers will vary greatly. However, getting a quote first-hand will allow you to get an estimate of your initial investment and succeeding costs. can help you in this aspect. Our experts are available and ready to answer your concerns regarding the cost of starting a vending machine business. You can rely on the team to give you the most suitable options based on your preferences and needs. It’s our job to give you the best advice and make your way to a successful venture!

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