How Profitable is Owning a Vending Machine?

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People who think of investing in a vending machine often worry about the associated costs of owning one. Firstly, the machine itself can come with a hefty price tag. Factor in the products to sell and maintenance fees and you may doubt if the actual cost is worth it.

Are automats profitable given the overhead costs?  What factors affect the marketability of vendor products? This guide dissects these questions and provides answers to help you decide whether this venture is for you.

How much does a vending machine make?

A lot of people love the accessibility and convenience of vendors in Ireland. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this business is income-generating, especially when following proven strategies. For instance, choosing the right products and renting a prime location can boost sales. That means vendor profit can vary significantly on a case-to-case basis.

However, some surveys reveal that a person can shell out an average of roughly €30 every year for automat products. It may seem like a small amount but it’s not far-fetched to say that vending machines see plenty of foot traffic daily. In fact, a single vending machine can earn an average of €72 in profit. Some can even reach almost €300!

There’s no question about a vending machine’s profitability. According to the forecast, this industry can grow to about €141.7 billion by 2027. Anyone aspiring to join can find a place in the market, given the versatility of vendors.

How much does a vending machine venture cost?

One of the greatest advantages of vendors is the low startup costs of other types of businesses. Depending on the model, a machine can stock different items and provide varying profit margins. Perhaps the largest cut of this investment will go to the rent for the location.

Also, stocking up on inventory will require an initial budget. Some machines dispense basic refreshments or specialty products like travel essentials (i.e. neck pillows, phone chargers) or gold jewelry. Either way, it’s important to set a budget for the items you want to sell.

Applying for a business license will also add to the overall costs. As with any venture, you need to register your vending machine so that you can legally operate it. For more information, you can approach the local government office before starting your journey.

In any case, it’s crucial to work with an established automat provider like for your startup. This way, you can get the right support, marketing, product sourcing, and other essentials for this type of business. Partnering with the right company ensures that you can maximize the profitability of your machine.

Start your business

With the right combination of strategies and support, you can start a path of success for your vending machine business. For the best vendors, choose as your partner! Our team of experts knows the right formula to get your automat to perform its best. Reach out to our consultants and add a passive income stream to your portfolio today!

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