The advantages of renting and managing your own Vending machine:

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Do you have a company and are you interested in having your own vending machine? Furthermore don’t you know how to get it? We tell you everything.

Advantages of a Vending Machine:

While, it does not matter the size: SMEs or multinationals have been quick to discover the benefits of renting their own vending machines. These are some:

Increase your income: Very little volume of transactions is required to make the rental fee profitable.

Technical service included: It is not necessary to have your own support service, as most companies provide their own technical service.

Price fixing: In vending machine rental, your company will be in charge of establishing the prices and margins of each product.

No dependencies or commitments: Renting your own vending machine means that you choose what foods or consumables you want to offer.

Above all would you like to know the advantages of renting a vending machine for your company?

Vending machine

Have a coffee, a soda or eat in the middle of the morning without leaving your workplace. So, this is what vending machines offer. If you still do not know all its possibilities, today we tell you the benefits of installing a machine in your office and the potential profitability.

Vending Machine easy recovery:

It requires a low investment, so that, with low purchase volume, the rental fee of the machines is profitable.

Service available 24 hours a day:

A business without pause, since it is accessible at any time of the day to consume what you need: a coffee, a tea, a snack or a meal. You can earn income with your vending machine 24 hours a day, so it is a great benefit.

Variety of products and set prices:

As a company, you are you who choose the product combinations you want to offer. In turn, you also set the price of each product and its profit margin.

If you are interested in vending machine rental, do not miss to contact us through

Vending Machine Services:

Machine installation:

We install the machine where we are instructed. We take care to leave everything ready for the next steps.

Machine settings:

After installation, we configure the machine at a technical level and always according to the requests of our customers. It is about leaving everything done so that using the machine is very easy.

Machine programming:

If it is desired that the machine is only operative during a specific time, we take care of programming the machine always guaranteeing the freshness and the good state of the consumables.

Technical service included:

At, we have a technical service available to repair the machines if you have any problems. In addition, we have widely trained staff to always provide a solution. Finally, to this is added 24h telephone service to answer all your questions.

Option to customize the image:

Furthermore, if our customers wish, we can customize the aesthetics of the machine including its brand, its corporate image or any other demand.

In short, these are all the benefits of renting your own vending machine. If you still have any questions, you can consult us without obligation through our contact section.

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