Do Vending Machines Make Money in the UK?

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Millions of vending machines are in operation around the world today, making it a possible lucrative venture. Still, plenty of people in the UK doubt if this type of business brings in money. This guide can help you answer some of the questions concerning the profitability of vending solutions.

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Vending machines: delving into the venture

People see and use vendors every day and it has become integral to life. Not many will think too much about the business side of it. How do you set it up? Does it have a good return on investment (ROI)? Is it enough to own or rent one machine?

A lot of would-be investors don’t choose vending machines as a top prospect because transactions are typically small. However, they can be deceptively successful given their virtually 24/7 operations. In fact, the Automatic Vending Association in the UK reports a combined worth in 2021 valued at £25 billion. The sector purportedly sold about seven million products in the same year.

Owning vending machines—what are the costs?

In every business, one way of knowing if an idea will generate income is by determining the startup costs. It’s essential to understand the associated investment and fees you need to pay. For instance, owning the machine will cost thousands, although most providers have leasing plans. You can also explore financing options that make payments easier to manage.

Restocking is another cost you need to shoulder, although it will largely depend on what you sell. The trick is to set an adequate budget for the inventory. The good thing about vending machines is you can restock per product once they run low, making it more affordable.

You will also have to set funds for repairs once parts malfunction. That’s why it is ideal to do regular cleaning of the machine. Also, a reliable provider can deliver brand-new and good quality automats that are less likely to need frequent repairs.

How much do vending solutions make?

The total revenue for a vending machine depends on several factors, including location, products sold, and the type of machine. Generally, a machine can rake in as much as £350 per month in the UK. Again, the numbers can go up or down depending on the marketing strategies you employ.

For instance, you can select a location with healthy foot traffic every day. Transport hubs, offices, hospitals, and malls are the best examples. You can also consider gyms and residential complexes, as well as construction sites as ideal locations to install a machine.

Owning or renting a machine can bring you passive income to add to your portfolio. However, if you want more money coming in, investing in several automats can work. Adding diversity to your vending machines venture allows you to increase your profits in the long run.

Start your vending machine business

You can make a lucrative venture out of vending machines when you work with a reputable supplier. offers a great range of automats for various locations and uses. You can maximize your ROI and make the best passive income when you get yours today!

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