Does Coca-Cola Give Free Vending Machines?

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Coca-Cola is definitely one of the most reliable and best-selling brands in the beverage industry. If you have a vending machine that dispenses these products, you will surely generate a decent profit. Everything is sure to be sold out daily. But what’s even better is that you can actually get free vending machines for Coke products. That’s right, you can enjoy a huge vending income at virtually no initial expense! Read on to find out more.

Does Coca-Cola Give Free Vending Machines?

Benefits of Getting Free Vending Machines for Coke Products

First of all, the name speaks for itself. If your customers see that you have an actual Coca-Cola vending machine, they won’t doubt the quality of your products. All their favorite beverages will be right there at their fingertips, and it’s going to be a string of sales for you.

But more than that, availing free vending machines will eliminate hefty initial expenses on your part. There will be no need to spend on installation fees. The vending company will deliver and set up the machine at your chosen location. They will also stock it up with all the Coke products that you want to sell. When they’re done, your new machine will be ready to operate.

It doesn’t stop there either. These free vending machines come with fully managed service, if you opt for it. This means the vending company will take care of repairs, maintenance, and restocking. You will even have access to round-the-clock customer service should you need help at any time.

How to Qualify for Free Vending Machines from Coca-Cola?

Free vending machines are indeed available from the Coca-Cola Company, but not everyone is qualified to get one. There are strict requirements you need to pass before you can submit an application. The provider will check the feasibility of your proposed location. Specifically, they will check how many potential consumers are in the vicinity.

If it is an office building or a manufacturing plant, for instance, you just need to have a certain number of full time employees in order to get a free machine. For retail, you can have a machine placed in the break room for free if you have so-and-so employees. If you want it for your hotel, they will check for the number of guest rooms. Likewise, for apartments, you can get free vending machines if you have the required number of units in the building.

These are actually very lenient, especially when you are getting a Coca-Cola vending machine absolutely free! Take note that if you buy one yourself, a single machine can set you back thousands of euros.

Get Your Free Vending Machines from

There are a few vending machine companies that can offer you free vending machines. This is not just for Coke products but for other brands as well. But for the highest quality machines and the most reliable vending solutions, you should only trust

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