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Certainly a Water Vending Machine is definitely the most comfortable way to remind you to drink.

Furthermore it is an automated water system that provides 24×7 safe water accesses to the people at a walkable distance. Its ability to dispense and purify water makes them an ideal solution for locations like shopping malls, bus depots, railways stations, and etc.

At, we give you our dispensing machines at a low cost. So you can enjoy the advantages of having water wherever you prefer, at home or at work.

Office water vending machines:

Water Vending Machine does not require installation. It is enough that you have a plug nearby to connect our vending machine and thus drink at the temperature that your workers prefer: at room temperature, cold, colder.

Having a vending machine in your own office is probably a great benefit for employees and visitors. You can get profitability also offer what your workers and visitors need at any time.

And, if you keep the red button activated, you can serve yourself the mineral water or the refreshing drink at a temperature of 90 degrees. That way, you can prepare an infusion or a soluble coffee – At the moment.

Also in many offices, water vending machines are located in the common areas of the dining room. That way, if someone wants to prepare an instant soup or some Chinese noodles, they can do it just by adding water from their hot tap.

The consumption of a machine of water is similar to that of a bulb in the fridge and, with so little consumption. All the staff and even the visitors will enjoy a very cool glass or a hot drink whenever they wish.

In your home, too:

Although we have the conception that water vending machines are typical of the office environment, their use is increasingly widespread in homes.

In addition to the advantages offered by companies, there is the convenience of not having to carry the bottles of water from the supermarket or discovering. solutions are of weak mineralization and very low in sodium, perfect for all family members. And, in addition, if in your family you have very young children, you can request safety taps to make it difficult for them to access and protect your vending machine.

Finally, if you want to try the comfort of having a dispensing machine at home, do not hesitate to contact us!

Easy, convenient and fast:

While these types of machines are getting popularity nowadays. It is very easy, convenient, and quick to install a couple of machines in your office building. 

At, you can explore through a wide range of water vending machines, also select the machine and the combination of products you want. You do not have to think about anything else.

At, we take care of everything else, as we perform the installation, replacement of products and constant maintenance of water vending machine. So do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.

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