How do Hot Beverages from Fermanagh Vending Machines Work?

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Like standard vending machines, so are the number of curious minds asking how they make beverages inside. In most cases, they are all the same. Some machines might have additional ingredients than others. However, the process is almost the same. This article will tackle how Fermanagh vending machines do their jobs.

Of course, a whole electronic programming system supports the operation of a vending machine. But, today, we will tell you how these machines prepare the drinks.

How do Fermanagh vending machines dispense drinks?

The automatic machines have seven compartments that store crystal sugar, coffee beans, and cappuccino soluble with vanilla. Also, it has hazelnut and cinnamon flavors (premium), chocolate, and special powdered milk. It also has a reservoir that receives previously filtered water and is resistant to heat before turning it into a drink.

After the purchase process, the machine releases a cup, a spoon, and sugar. Then, the hot drink production begins in the Fermanagh vending machines.

The short, long, and double espressos

The vending machine makes the short, long, and double espressos in this manner. The coffee beans are released into a grinder, turning into powder, and poured into a press. It receives hot water and is filtered, then flows through a hose to the cup.

The short espresso consists of fuller, more robust coffee. The long espresso is the production of the short espresso. Suppose you will add more water, making the coffee smoother. The double espresso is twice the short espresso.

The following is how machines prepare hot chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, and premium cappuccinos. The machine programs to pour the soluble beverage selected by the customer together with hot water in a compartment. Also, hot drinks, espresso with milk, and cappuccino require two processes simultaneously—the production of espresso coffee and the mixing of soluble with water.

To make the cappuccino, you need white producing coffee, water mixed with the chocolate and powdered milk in the mixer cup. In the end, you need to add the chocolate and milk mixture to the cup’s coffee.

Meanwhile, the production of mochaccino also takes place in two processes simultaneously. At the same time, a mixer cup produces one type of cappuccino; another mixer cup makes the hot chocolate. The two drinks flow through different hoses and join the cup.

Installation of Fermanagh vending machines

With the installation of Fermanagh vending machines suited to your company’s needs, you can guarantee:

  • Increased employee productivity by providing snacks and coffee and optimizing service hours.
  • Reduction in costs incurred in the purchase of food and beverages.
  • Practicality in handling the machine for employees and customers.
  • Labor cost reduction due to the automatic and independent nature of the vending machine.
  • Reduction of food and beverage waste by supplying each portion according to specific demand.
  • By explaining the concept of Fermanagh vending machines, it was possible to understand how this type of machine works briefly.

We at guarantee everything from training to equipment maintenance. We provide all types of Fermanagh vending machines.

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