How Long Do Vending Machines Last?

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There may be archaeologists in the distant future who come across an ancient vending machine buried in the sand and wonder what its function was. Probably they could speculate that beautiful music or for bathing was make with them. They would be wrong. The point is that the components that make up the machine will last much longer than its days dispensing tasty treats. This article will answer the question of just how long a vending machine actually lasts.

The methods and techniques used to extend the shelf life of vending machines have greatly improved in recent times. The average lifespan of a modern machine has increased by 30% in the last decade alone. Thus, now vending machines last for around 12 years before you need to replace them. However, if the machine is a used or refurbished model then the extent of its lifespan will be reduced. There is one major factor that will determine if the machine remains in working condition. If a machine is not frequently and properly maintained then there is a good chance it won’t last 12 years. Furthermore, scheduled servicing also ensures the machine will not break down which can negatively affect profits.

Vending machine maintenance

A vending machine is like any other kind of machine. It has parts that require regular servicing in order to function correctly. A machine that is properly maintained will not only function better but will also extend its operational lifespan. Thus, if you maintain a machine properly it may be able to last several years longer. Of course, servicing does involve a cost but the additional earnings generated by a machine that doesn’t break down and that lasts longer far outweigh the expense.

The main cause of machine failure

A vending machine is a relatively simple piece of equipment. But there is one component that can be responsible for shortening the machine’s lifespan considerably. Most vending machines are equipped with cooling or heating units that keep the products at the desired temperature. If this component fails then it can be a costly and time-consuming process to repair. However, this does not mean that you should discard and replace the machine. In fact, if the heating/cooling unit is replaced then it can extend the working life of the machine to up to 15 years.


It goes without saying that the longer a vending machine lasts, the more profit it will generate. Thus, it is difficult to understate the importance of proper maintenance in this regard. Furthermore, purchasing a new machine instead of a used machine may be more expensive but it will also be more profitable as it will last longer. Contact today in order to know more details about how long these machines actually last.

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